My Workout Routine – Update Jan. 2018

hello my friends!

if you follow me on instagram / watch my instagram live stories / know me & see me on a regular basis you might know i have definitely been keeping up with my health as the new year started – just these two weeks! this is not only the food that i am eating that i am in on but also my workout routine, so in honor of that i wanted to share a few things about my workout routine!

here we go!

first of all, i listen to my playlist:

with my favorite new speaker! (that i shared in THIS post)

my current favorite workout clothes have been:

these leggings / this shirt

and NOW for my workout:

i love to walk and run:

what can i say, it helps me to get to my 10,000 steps, which i have done every day (except 1) since new years. i have been doing this awesome 40km challenge with lululemon – making myself walk/run at least 1.8 miles a day, and i’ve actually been doing at least 2 miles a day since then! before the new year (starting in about september i was doing about 1 – so it’s much better now). it makes me feel really good running and i finally feel like i am on an awesome routine that i really love.

roll out!: 

after running – or beginning to train to become a real runner my legs have been totally sore, and so i have been able to roll out every day due to the accessibility in my gym at my high school – and my roller at home too. i have been watching some roll out videos on how to do it right and consult my athletic trainer at my school too!


i occasionally will ride the stationary bike. i am not a huge fan because of the uncomfortable seat – like seriously those are painful. other than getting over my fear of the seat, i have been continuing to do my videos and try it out like soul cycle style.

weight training: 

i have been using the machines at my school and doing 20-30 rep rounds on each machine and doing fun rotations where i’ll time myself and run music around.

and finally, i would like to share:

goals for new year fitness: 

  • getting into a yoga routine & finding a studio i enjoy
  • trying out new fitness classes
  • transitioning into running a 10k
  • training to be able walk/run a half marathon VERY SOON
  • practice hiking more
  • finally, continue my fitness journey when i go to college

enjoy friends!

kwe monogram


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