Charcuterie Board Must Haves

hey all!

i know its a little late for a post now but i’ve actually been sick all day so its been pretty crazy, because in addition to being sick, its the last week of the semester for me, so that means all of the possibles tests, quizzes, presentations, essays and whatever else the teachers can assign before its too late. i get it, i understand, but its so hard on us, but its super hard on me because i am feeling cruddy, so let’s actually get to the post:

stress = more food and for me, at this point if i am gonna go crazy on the whole eating thing i might as well eat good food am i right? and good food for me is a charcuterie board. not only are they aesthetic, i mean cheese is pretty awesome, but they also taste fantastic, so that’s a perpetual win.

today my plan was to share my must-haves for my own charcuterie boards, without further ado…


here’s what i love:

finally, i love to pair my board with an argula salad with lemon and parmesan!

enjoy my post – let me know what your favorite foods are too!

kwe monogram


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