My Experience with QVC’s “Try it, Love it” Box

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hey guys!

do you remember my christmas gift post? i talked about one of my highlighted gifts – the QVC “TILI” – Try it Love it box – its much like birchbox without the subscription which is actually super awesome because it doesn’t lock you into anything.

TILI box :

so, they offer 3 full sized products and the rest trial products of different of their favorite items. in my  box i got a ‘julep konjac sponge‘, a ‘skinfix hand repair cream‘, a ‘becca jaclyn hill shimmering skin perfector‘, a ‘mini first aid beauty bouncy mask‘, ‘mini philosophy amazing grace shower gel‘, a ‘vita liberata body blur‘ and a mini ‘it cosmetics confidence in a cream‘.

so here we go on the review:


full sized products:

#1: julep konjac sponge: this is the first product i used and i made a HUGE mistake, i threw out the package, and with the package, the instructions. i didn’t read the instructions so when i went to use it, i did not know what to do. but with that explantion, i did what i thought was right and used it as a sponge without soap, because it was soapy inside. it seemed to make my skin a bit softer and i found it much easier to deal with the little filled pores on my arms and legs.

#2: skinfix hand repair cream:  not sure if you guys will believe me, but i have incredibly soft hands. like no lie!! i don’t use hand lotion because i don’t really need it, however, i do rub the remaining sunscreen on my hands – and i use pretty moisturizing sunscreen. so i passed this product off to my dad because his hands were extremely dry this winter! i think he liked it, but i am not entirely sure!

#3: becca jaclyn hill shimmering skin perfector: this is an AWESOME highlighter,  i am obsessed with highlighter – its one of the three main products i use when i apply makeup, and i go crazy looking for the best and brightest highlighters that will match well with my complexion. i absolutely LOVE this highlighter, it looks great on my skin color and its super easy to apply and blend on my face.

sample size products:

#1: ‘mini first aid beauty bouncy mask:  i am a skincare obsessed person because i have pretty bad acne, not like cystic stuff or anything but like on my chin and my forehead it can get pretty bad. so because of this, i am mask obsessed, always looking for the best new stuff that i can throw on my face and wait 10 minutes to see what happens. so i was more excited about this mask than i should have been, i am not really old – i am 17 and don’t have too many wrinkles so i wouldn’t exactly say that i needed this mask but the smell was great and it was a great experience.

#2: ‘mini philosophy amazing grace shower gel: i am a philosophy fan, i just use a ton of philosophy products, so this wasn’t exactly a new product for me, but the scent was new – and exciting and was super exciting to try something new.

#3: a ‘vita liberata body blur:  this is also a product i wouldn’t really find myself using. i am an extremely pale individual and don’t love to fake the level of tan i am, so i  tried this product, but just as i thought, i didn’t love it.

#4: it cosmetics confidence in a cream: not to reiterate again, but not a product i would necessarily find myself using, just because i am still young. but i loved the moisturizing affect- and hey they say that you are never too young to use anti-aging stuff, so i guess i am getting ahead of it all!

so i am just gonna say this, many of the products didn’t exactly apply to me because i didn’t need them for whatever reason, so the box was interesting to try products that i didn’t think i needed, and i definitely turned myself onto a new highlighter which was really exciting! next i would actually like to try birchbox because i heard they actually (more or less) personalize it to your likes, and skin type and etc!

enjoy this post!


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