Favorite LA Ice Cream

hey all!

it’s been a really long time since i’ve done another post on the LA guide, so i thought in the height of the california winter, i might as well write and post about ice cream today. so in my LA guide series, i decided to post a little about ice cream because ice cream is a huge part of my food chain and is so important to me.

here we go!! (in no certain order!!)

#1: carmela (locations in pasadena, LA, woodland hills and they travel in farmer’s market)


carmela is a super interesting place because they have very interesting flavors, i have tasted everything from raspberry rose sorbet to brown butter sage ice cream to chocolate sorbet! i love seeing these unique flavors and they make super awesome ice cream!

my all time favorite flavors: pear champagne sorbet and matcha green tea ice cream!

#2: sweet rose creamery (5 locations around LA)

Screen Shot 2018-01-23 at 11.25.34 AM.png


one of the first ice cream places i went to on my more recent artisanal ice cream tour a few years ago! i am always blown away with their flavours and they always have AWESOME sorbet.

my favorite flavors here are: roasted apricot sorbet and mango sorbet

#3: jeni’s splendid ice cream (locations in los feliz, venice, larchmont and calabasas)


of all the ice cream this is the place where my family and i are always going back to, just because they always have fantastic flavours, awesome service and just a cute store. we just have a slight obsession with it, and keep going back.

my favorite flavors here are: birch and marshmallow and intelligentsia black cat espresso

#4: fosselman’s ice cream (they have one location in alhambra)


finally, fosselman’s is such a old and classic place. i remember going to fosselmans being very young and i have always loved it. the store is so classic inside and they have been a constant artisanal ice cream place which will be there before and after the trends!

my favorite flavors here are the: peach sorbet, green tea ice cream and the green apple sorbet



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