Must Haves: Books to Read

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hey all!

since its the beginning of the year, i still feel like its ‘new year, new me’ the whole thing, and one of the things that i always wanna add to myself is to read more, and honestly, i tend to overdrive everything (which just means listening to audiobooks) which i actully love because i can put my aux in my phone in the car and just play the downloads off of my phone! it is an awesome way to get the reading in. i picked some books that sound good for me to read – and ones that i am looking forward to reading.

again, a note to all my readers – this post does not mean i own any of the above, or that i will buy any of the above. it just means that i like it visually and (unless noted) i do not own it; all that i will write about is stuff i hear from friends and other users of the product as well as the visual aspects of the product which i will mention in the comment below!

so here we go with the post,

#1: little fires everywhere by celeste ng

according to amazon :

“Little Fires Everywhere explores the weight of secrets, the nature of art and identity, and the ferocious pull of motherhood – and the danger of believing that following the rules can avert disaster.”

#2: this could hurt: a novel by jillian medoff

according to amazon:

“Jillian Medoff explores the inner workings of an American company in all its brilliant, insane, comforting, and terrifying glory. Authentic, razor-sharp, and achingly funny, This Could Hurt is a novel about work, loneliness, love, and loyalty; about sudden reversals and unexpected windfalls; a novel about life.”

#3: meet cute by jennifer armontrout

according to amazon:

“This incredibly talented group of authors brings us a collection of stories that are at turns romantic and witty, epic and everyday, heartbreaking and real.”

#4: andy warhol: the series by hilton als

according to into the gloss:

“Instead of watching another television series, why not read this instead? A script written for a potential series on Andy Warhol’s life by New Yorker staff writer Hilton Als, it’s as good as anything on TV, only you can fit it into your smallest carry-on.”

#5: green by sam graham-felsen

according to amazon:

“Infectiously funny about the highs and lows of adolescence, and sharply honest in the face of injustice, Sam Graham-Felsen’s debut is a wildly original take on the American dream.”


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