Kate’s Korner: Why I’m a Feminist

hey all!

happy sunday!

by now you’ve likely already read the title, and decided to keep tuning in, or you’ve already clicked the page closed, which is actually stopping conversation, which is perfectly okay with me. i am not trying to change anyone’s mind, and i  am super open to conversation, feel free to email me (macaronsandmusthaves@gmail.com or find me on instagram & dm me!).i am also definitely not one to get aggressive (although this is something i am really passionate about) and i am totally willing to agree to disagree and i love listening to other points of view.  i am trying to remain as politically undivided as can be, because i know i have readers from both sides, and prefer my blog to stay positive!

getting past all that, here we go:

i will start very basically (simply and cliche-ly) with the definition of feminism:


the theory of the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes

(from merriam webster)

its as simple as that, the belief that women and men are equal, and should be treated as equal: politically, economically and socially.

because i totally agree with this basic idea, i call myself a feminist (without getting into politics of any side). since starting at all-girls school i have really learned through my experiences how to be confident, powerful, strong and ambitious. i feel like such a community that uplifts people for who they are, and who they can be is my vision of an inclusive community. this experience has also taught me that girls are freaking awesome. i mean we run all clubs, sports teams, community service AND student leadership. a school that allows for such compassion and strength is creating a new generation of girl who will run the world, which is so awesome and empowering to see in my daily life.

because of my experiences, i am a huge feminist. i totally believe that women should be equal in all facets of the world.

that’s my opinion, feel free to comment and let me know your opinion too so that we can talk!


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