hey all!

january is one day from being over. what? how? i can’t believe it! so i am gonna do a month in review every month with photos from my phone that i found that i thought would be interesting for you guys to see.

here we go!

from the beginning of the year:


i told y’all that i was volunteering with the tournament of roses, and i was able to go to the VIP tailgate for the rose bowl game. it was super cool, i got to eat my heart out and take this really cool 180 photo! i also worked of course but it was so fun!


i made a bomb charcuterie board. i even wrote a post about what i use in my board YOU CAN READ IT HERE and i just treat-ed my self which was highkey awesome because i have been running and or walking every day and trying to stay healthier than i have been.

in my getting healthier i have been trying new healthy foods, walking more (and running y’all) and continuing to eat foods that are interesting but also eating my favorite foods (like ice cream) because of i, high key love, it SO much!


it was my sister’s 20th birthday on the 20th so i shared this old photo of us two because its super cute and old!


i also got honored by the our lady of the angel cathedral in los angeles for my artwork. it will be up for awhile, so if you feel so inclined you may go see it while i am being honored! i made the top one with all the writing, and it says “be who god meant you to be and you will set the world on fire” which is my favorite quote from st. catherine of siena.

other than that, this month was filled with good eats, good exercise, and a good attitude as i started my FINAL SEMESTER of high school (wow its so weird to think i am already a second-semester senior!).

have a great day all – and tell me how your january was in the comment section down below!


kwe monogram




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