Life Update: Feb. 18th 2018

hey all!

its 2/18/18!!

i’ve been totally busy and that is why this post is up so late! i didn’t really know what to write, but hey i decided i haven’t gone the personal route in awhile and i really wanted to catch up with you guys on my whole journey as a SECOND SEMESTER SENIOR (oh my god, still can’t get over all of this) so here we go!!

i have been getting alot of things together in my personal life and sorta starting to get wrapped up/organized for my big move to college (which i haven’t decided quite yet on, i am still thinking/waiting and making personal decisions regarding that) and honestly, at this point all of that is starting by organizing the things that i have and tossing the things that a) i don’t need or b) i’ve grown out of or c) are just trash and its been a ton of realizing for me, and teaching myself how to organize as an adult (woah kate, don’t get too far ahead of yourself you are 2.5 months away from being 18) but my school is ~lowkey~ bombarding the senior with the fact that we WILL BE (more or less) living on our own in like 6-7 months!!

with all of this self-actualizing, there have been a few things to destress #1. eat candy (which i know can’t do because i gave up candy for lent #rip)!! #2. go on pinterest and #3. work out. the third is what has been helping me a lot after school and getting focused in on the important stuff!

but stress has been something which feels really debilitating lately because i haven’t really wanted to go to school because i know i will be more stressed out, either my school (they are trying to help, i know i know!!) or my classes (with more work, especially philosophy, that class is just HARD because its a TON of brain power which i don’t feel always so confident with during the week). but its sorta hard to get motivated because all i want to do is sleep all the time and watch netflix but i need to get school work done, artwork done, focus on summer job plans and clean my room (guys its bad, real bad). i can’t feel anything but helpless about the whole thing, like there is ALWAYS something to do, even when i get home so i go down to relax but no way, i have homework which i end up putting off for a few hours to either make dinner or just sit in my bed wondering when i am gonna start my homework.

honestly, this sounds terrible, but i have also found it really difficult to blog lately, not because i feel like i don’t have ideas (because i do!) but i feel like i haven’t grown, and i see all of these people out here hustlin’, blogging as a full time job and i just think, god i do not have enough time/energy/motivation/money/body confidence to blog as much as i do. and i care SO MUCH about my blog – and my content that i want it to look great, and be growing but it feels like every time i work hard enough i am not moving as fast as i would like to, but hey its life.

i will continue making beautiful content for all that are here, and everyone else who may be here soon.

thank you all for sticking with me through all of this, and feel free to comment any reactions down below!


kwe monogram


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