Favorite Instagram Accounts + 500!

hey all!

happy 500! can you believe it! we are at 500 posts!


thats 1/2 of 1,000 and CRAZY to me! i absolutely love this blog with all of my heart and i am especially proud to be sharing my official 500th post with all of you lovely people!

i’ve been absolutely obsessed with instagram lately and i have been definitely loving certain users, so today i thought i would share it all with you!

lets go!



i am in love with her style and her feed is amazing. its always so cohesive and aimee is SO funny on her instagram stories. i am always jealous of her amazing looking raw bars and sweet potato fries.



i met joy cho in jeni’s splendid ice cream, but before i had been obsessed with her blog for a good long while. her feed is just adorable the colors are magnificent – they are totally her aesthetic – and you may have seen her stuff in target!



she has such a classy and beautiful feed, the colors are amazing and i’m so jealous of her and her life! i know instagram is a superficial view of life but i am in LOVE with her feed.



she is a pasadena local (like me) and i’ve been so obsessed watching her instagram stories of all of the fashion week shoes.



you guys all know i love the ban.do brand and ban.do’s instagram totally fits with their brand. i love the bright colors and quirky accents and i am loving this style’s summer essentials!



you guys have all known that i have kinda gotten into health lately and i recently found constance! her account is super cute and she’s not afraid to share her healthiest meals to her least healthy meals too!



finally, i found bella about a year ago on intsagram. she travels and makes delicious looking food! what is better than that!


kwe monogram



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