my skincare routine + favorites

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hey all!

how have y’all been? i have been stressed because i have just been waiting for the final news from colleges and its been CRAZY! and i don’t know about y’all, but when i am stressed out i break out like crazy – and now more than ever i have been obsessed with my skincare routine so i don’t break out like i was speaking of! i currently love my products and really wanted to share my routine with y’all!

here we go!

here is my whole box!


these are all of what i use: 

top row :

mario badescu enzyme cleansing gelglossier solutionmario badescu rose water facial spray / mario badescu drying cream / mario badescu almond and honey face scrub

other stuff: 

neutrogena positively radiant daily moisturizer / mario badescu anti acne serum / mario badescu buffering lotion / mario badescu drying lotion / biore blackhead strips / peter thomas roth UV milk / silk scrunchie

not pictured : 

‘purity’ by philosophy / micellar water / foreo luna mini 2


muji ( i can’t find it online, but its called makeup box 1/2)

here’s what my routine looks like


this is my routine: 

#1 : first of all, i take my hair out of my face and tie it up with a silk scrunchie and then take off any and all makeup (if i am wearing any) and any excess dirt with a cotton pad and micellar water

#2 : then i proceed to wash my face with either mario badescu enzyme cleansing gel or ‘purity’ by philosophy and my foreo luna mini 2.  the rhytmn of the device is 20 seconds for forehead, 20 seconds for nose and chin, 10 seconds for each cheek. in total it is one minute, but its totally worth it and i recommend buying this SPECIFIC FOREO because my mom has a different one, i have used it and its not as good as this one. because its the ‘mens’ one, its got tougher bristles and cleans much better.

#3 : next i use my glossier solution,  i coat a little cotton pad with a pump of the solution and spread it across my face, focusing on the forehead and chin. be VERY careful of getting this guy near your eyes because it is acid after all. also many people have many different opinions about how the solution works for them, but i personally love and DEFINITELY recommend it if you’ve got a little bit of under the skin bumps etc.

#4 : after the solution sets ( i leave it for about 30 seconds!!!) i move onto my sunscreen. i am a sunscreen everyday girl because my skin is super light, but definitely when using the solution make use of sunscreen because the acid can really cause skin damage. i use peter thomas roth UV milk its a super thin solution and it doesn’t clog my pores too much.

rest of my favorites:


 mario badescu rose water facial spray / mario badescu drying cream / mario badescu almond and honey face scrub / mario badescu anti acne serummario badescu buffering lotionneutrogena positively radiant daily moisturizer  /

i hope you enjoyed!

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