Venice, CA

hey all!

last friday for fun – because i had my frees last, aka i was done at 10:35! –  i decided to head out with my sister to go explore in venice! venice is near santa monica and the ocean for those who don’t know! because i went to go explore in venice i really wanted to share a post of my day trip, the spots i hit up and what i enjoyed the most!

all of the photos in here either my sister and i all took and edited them! without further ado!

we started at the butcher’s daughter:


the butcher’s daughter is at:  1205 abbot kinney blvd, venice, CA 90291

its a restaurant known for its organic pressed juices and their vegetarian food. my sister and i ordered the juice flight with 4 organic juices of our choice and i ordered the “surfer’s breakfast” which was a breakfast burrito while my sister opted for the “new york avo toast” which was exactly as it seemed!

2018-03-16 12:06:27.519

the food was awesome and the atmosphere was super cute! i really enjoyed getting to sit down and eat with my sister us two without complaining and just talking about our lives, goals and of course what we were gonna do later in the day!

next we headed to shop around abbot kinney!


we took pictures in front of the ‘aviator nation’ store and we just enjoyed the weather and walked around!

we also headed to this adorable store called “burro”


we found this card, and found that we both ~heavily~ related to it on a deeply personal level – for your information : my sister is in film school at USC while i am a senior graduating this year headed to TBA (to be announced at a later date!) for graphic design!

next we went to visit the “venice” sign:

2018-03-16 13:26:37.991.JPG

fyi : its the middle of ‘woodward’ and ‘pacific’, and if you want a picture like your’s truly you will have to take a car with a sun roof and have either a passenger who is willing to take pictures or someone (thanks sister!) who will drive slow enough for you to get the good shots!

last, and most importantly we headed to jeni’s splendid in venice!


y’all know i am a HUGE ice cream fan and when i saw on instagram that jeni’s was coming out with FROSE i absolutely had to go and visit. let me tell you, the frose was AWESOME! i am a huge sorbet gal and totally wanna go back and get more!

that was my day overall! thank you so much for reading, i hope that i get to share more posts like this with y’all very soon!


kwe monogram


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