hey all!

its already the end of march, which means its already time for another month in review post! here we go why don’t we!

march was a fairly bland month:

i went on kairos


here’s my group



its a super special & secret senior retreat, and it was pretty life changing! it was so amazing to be with my whole class and the one thing i will say for sure was that i wished it happened earlier in the year, but i will treasure the little time i will have left with them.

i went to venice with my sister:

2018-03-16 12:06:27.519IMG_6391

i wrote a whole post on this HERE but i totally loved spending the time with her and appreciated and made me hopeful for the best summer we will have before i move away from my home!

i got some college news…

don’t get too excited yet, i am NOT ready to announce where i will be attending in the fall of this year but i can’t explain how excited i am!

finally, i finished my skincare routine:

2018-03-18 11:21:53.639.jpeg

i wrote a post HERE about it, but i love my routine so much!

that was pretty much the whole month, but i hope y’all enjoy!


kwe monogram


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