Polka Dot Wrap Dress in Melrose

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hello friends!

i thought it was more than time to share one of my favorite outfits for this season of a day trip i took with my sister to melrose! it was a little while ago but every piece of the look is still in stores – i am super excited to share this reasonable wrap dress so lets go why don’t we!

as always, a note to all my readers – this post does not mean i own any of the above, or that i will buy any of the above. it just means that i like it visually and (unless noted) i do not own it; all that i will write about is stuff i hear from friends and other users of the product as well as the visual aspects of the product which i will mention in the comment below!

here’s my look!



 / dress : forever 21 polka dot wrap dress / shoes : converse classic high tops /

/ sunglasses : ray ban evolve sunglasses 50mm / bag : cult gaia small ark bag  /

/ earrings : star earrings / necklace : monogram necklace / socks : sparkly socks /

so for my day out in melrose, i opted for a cute but super versatile and easy look that i could wear (and drive around in, although it did get a tad wrinkly) but since it was super hot and VERY sunny the day i went out, because this super reasonably priced dress is super light and doesn’t make you warm and definitely lets a lot of air in! paired with my dress i wore my high tops with a pair of sparkly socks. i thought they would pair well with the dress, but i think honestly any sneaker with this outfit would go well! of course, because its spring i HAD to get some good use of my ark bag – and i paired with my favorite new star earrings and my monogram necklace as well as my ray ban sunnies!

i hope you enjoy this look!


kwe monogram


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