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hey all!

i realized one thing that i don’t tend to talk about a lot is my hair for one reason, i really don’t like it (my hair that is). i just have been unhappy with my hair for a long time because my hair is UNBELIEVABLY hard to deal with.

first (when i little) it was on the curlier side. by the time i was in 2nd grade it was super long, and mostly straight with little waves on the end!


here’s a photo of little kate from my first communion – although my hair was a little curled, you can mostly tell how straight it is!

but easily by 8th grade my hair started to get super curly! i’ve always had frizzy hair, but during this time i was in denial, telling myself that i didn’t have curly hair (because i had heard how hard it was to deal with) and i straightened my hair ALL THE TIME and (even still i do this) wore it up in buns so that i wouldn’t have to deal with it ever.


here’s a photo from my graduation, can you tell by the cruddy flat-ironing skills that i was DEEP in denial!  and the reason why i really never put pictures of myself on the blog.

i finally figured out that if i had curly hair i might as well just flaunt it.


this was easily the first picture where i really loved my natural hair, and i might as well just go for it, because wearing my hair natural was actually a lot better for the quality and took less time that flatironing did!

this is the most decent photo that i have of my hair recently!

2018-03-16 13:51:26.691.JPG

i’ve been told by almost every other curly haired person that i know that my hair is A LOT different than theirs – and i cannot figure out why! but my hair has pretty good highlights in it naturally and my curls are a SUPER ODD shape because they are not all like ringlets, and i really don’t force my hair into ringlets because that would take me FOREVER because i have tons of hair!

here’s what i use!

boar bristle brush


trader joes ‘nourish spa’ shampoo

redken all soft conditioner 

loma calming creme

typically this is what my hair routine looks like :

  1. i comb and brush out my hair using my comb and myboar bristle brush. i take out all of the knots and brush through all of the sections that have gotten stuck together because of all the times i have put my hair in a bun.
  2. i head to the shower with my comb and brush. i make sure they are with me in the shower because it’s actually a bit easier to brush and get through in the shower. i continue to brush it out and comb while my hair is barely wet.
  3. next, i go through and shampoo my hair and then i wash through it, comb through it and then i shampoo again.
  4. i then put the conditioner in my hair. i begin at the top and move the conditioner from my roots to the ends of my hair, making sure that every bit is conditioned. i then wash it out and repeat the same process.
  5. then, i comb and brush through my hair again (while in the shower, while its on) and put it ‘half up, half down’ sectioning off the top part of my hair. i do this then because it allows me for an easier drying time.
  6. finally, i get out of the shower and lather my hair thoroughly using the loma calming creme and let it airdry!

thats it! enjoy!


kwe monogram


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