Birthday Gift Wishlist

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hey all!

as much as i’d like to push it away like the plague, my birthday is coming up. don’t get me wrong, i LOVE my birthday! i mean who doesn’t! a day all about you (more or less)! but honestly this year i am turning 18 and how many good things there are about being 18 there are many more responsibilities. i will talk more about this on my birthday – but for now i’m just gonna focus on the good the possible gifts!

as always, a note to all my readers – this post does not mean i own any of the above, or that i will buy any of the above or in this case that i am asking for any of the above. to be honest – this is just a DREAM wishlist so don’t get too excited! it just means that i like it visually and (unless noted) i do not own it; all that i will write about is stuff i hear from friends and other users of the product as well as the visual aspects of the product which i will mention in the comment below!

here we go!


#1 : pop & suki box bag 

i am in love with bag shape. i think it makes it even better that you can personalize it because y’all know that i love anything and everything personalized. its such a versatile bag!

#2 : apple watch

i’ve been wanting one of these guys for awhile but didn’t think i should invest in one because i wasn’t sure it was be a good use of my money but y’all know i am OBSESSED with my fitbit so i do think it’d be worth the money! i love the pink color and think it would be super useful for college.

#3 : blue sparkly socks

i love my blue sparkly socks from brandy melville paired with my cortez, high tops or my adidas! i love these ones because they are a bit longer and they’d be an awesome birthday gift for me.

#4 : slip silk pillowcase

i talked about this a lot when i was making the christmas gift guides but this is supposed to be not only great for your skin, but also your hair! i’ve been not only a skincare freak lately but also a hair care freak and i really want this before i move into my new dorm!

#5 : jade roller

GUYS! i have been hearing so much about these not only on skincare instagrams but also on health and wellness blogs. by using a jade roller on your face you reduce inflammation and lets out all of the toxins by draining the lymphatic fluid in your face. its also a good way to fully rub in moisturizer.

#6 : herbivore skincare set

now that i’ve established that i’m a skincare freak, i’ve heard alot about the herbivore brand and not only is it pretty for your instagram but its supposed to be amazing!

#7 : star earrings

y’all know i love my earrings – and i love how these ones make you look like you have a second piercing (without the commitment!). i’ve also been LOVING stars lately – although i’m sure y’all know that!

#8 : sweaty betty power union jack leggings

i’ve been getting sweaty betty emails for as long as i can remember and NOW sweaty betty is landing at nordstrom – how convenient! y’all know how i like activewear and how i *basically* live in leggings and i’m in love with this ‘union jack’ inspired print, i love the color mix up and would be so excited to wear them.

#9 : canon rebel T6i dslr camera

i’ve been wanting to upgrade my camera (i even mentioned it in my 101 in 1001!) but i’ve been researching cameras and even though it’s a little above my pricepoint it would  be an awesome gift!

#10 : gucci double-g bracelet 

i’ve been eyeing this bracelet for awhile. i am absoluetly in love with the design (that the Gs interlock and thats where you clasp it together. i also love this rose gold tone because its just pink enough!

#11 : apple iphone lightning dock

i am terrible with charging my phone. too many times i have fallen asleep and i thought i put my phone in the charger, but no its slightly off course. this means when i wake up to take my phone to school with me i only have like 20% charge and i have to charge it when i get there! i think this little tool would be great because the phone would be right in the charger without problem!

#12 : staud bisset bucket bag 

GUYS! staud bags have my heart. they are absolutely gorgeous. i love the colors, the textures and the designs of each of their bags. i think this classic bucket shape would be a super awesome staud starter – even though i am in love with the LITERAL bucket bag and the see through bag too!

#13 : nike air max 270

THESE ARE SUCH COOL SNEAKERS! i can just imagine how cool i’d feel walking around in these. as always, nike nails the design and right now, the all white ones are super cool to me – i especially love the back ‘air’ part! and i’d love to have em!

enjoy guys! and let me know what is on your wishlist down below!

kwe monogram



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