My Prom Pictures + Outfit + Details

hey all!

this past saturday i had my prom in hollywood at the avalon nightclub! it was crazy to think i ALREADY have had my senior prom – and i am DONE with my classes in about a month, and then have my transition week & THEN i’m graduating. it’s all VERY bittersweet because i have loved my school – and my time at my school more than anything but i am LOSING STEAM and the senioritis is hitting me HARD – but don’t worry i counter this by woking as hard as i can because i refuse to quit!!!

anyway, since i had prom this past weekend i wanted to share with y’all my photos – of me, my friends, my whole group and details of my outfit for the event!

let’s get started!

here are some photos!!:


here’s my look:


i wore :

a vince camuto off the shoulder crepe gown

some sam edelman yaro strap sandals in ‘jute’

a pair of gold hoops 

i hope y’all enjoyed and see y’all soon!

kwe monogram



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