hey all!

its april 29th, 2018 – which is the last sunday of the month… which means that its the last blog post of the month which means that its review day!!!

here we go!

this month i’ve been busy with many things including:



i went to my senior prom at a super cool night club in hollywood! it was super fun and i wrote a whole review post here!

college trips & traveling!

2018-04-20 17:05:22.9052018-04-21 09:16:56.0232018-04-22 08:47:27.8322018-04-20 17:56:41.975

i was fortunate enough to spend 48 hours in DC! it was not relaxing at all but not only did we get a lot of stuff done, we ate lots of food and were able to see many cool things and it was so much fun!

other stuff!


i went to my sister’s sorority invite and also went up to the central coast of california. this was not really a month for relaxation and it was so non-stop which was crazy, and this may ahead is still very busy and i’m definitely looking forward to summer after all of that and the graduation madness!


kwe monogram


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