How to Prepare for Exams (& AP exams!)

hey all!

if you’re in college you have either: a) finished your finals and are so far out of there or b) have your finals coming up! and if you’re in high school you either a) have finals coming up, or b) have AP exams coming up THIS WEEK! (and next week too!). because i am a seasoned finals taker i really have been around the block with these guys so i have so many tips for y’all whether you are new to finals, or like me, are a seasoned professional.

here we go!


many people aren’t into a hollistic approach to studying (which i understand, y’all its all good whatever you do!) but i believe that your diet (the foods you eat) can really affect how you feel. this DOESN’T mean you CAN’T eat the pizza you want, but eat the pizza and then have something good for your brain!

a list of some brain foods for you!

#1: avocados

#2: dark chocolate (yeah something good for you!)

#3: blueberries

#4: bulletproof coffee (and bars and etc!) check out their site!

#5: bone broth (you can drink it or eat it like soup!)

#6: almond butter

#7: green tea!


i put this one down at a risk of sounding like a broken record. speaking of *cue: take a break from the hamilton soundtrack* because that is what i am singing in my head right now. its super cliche but it really does help! i am making sure to get my exercise in, and get my endorphins running as well as taking a little break to watch some quick youtube videos now and then.

my favorite ways to take a break from studying:

#1: taking a run or a walk!

#2: having a 10 minute dance party to my favorite songs

#3: washing my face and putting on a mask

#4: taking a quick stroll through instagram

#5: making tea and taking a few minutes to drink it!


tired and bored and stuck with your old study space? wrangle up some headphones and load your study materials up in a bag and go! if your house is too loud/or no longer suitable for paying attention for hours at a time change up your environment!

here are some of the places i may go to change up my space!

#1: a coffee shop

#2: a library

#3: a park with a comfy bench

#4: your favorite cafe!

#5: a smoothie store or a juice place!

#6: a outdoor or indoor mall with tables (grab food and sit down!)


make use of as much sleeping time as you can! take a nap when your schedule allows, or just take advantage of when you can sleep in or get to bed early. to ensure your most helpful sleep, you should turn off devices one hour before bed ( i know i am saying this but i am VERY BAD at this myself and often fall asleep with my computer on) but it is best for your eyes and your own sleep if you can!


use google to see if you can find any practice tests, quizlets or any other premade study guide options. use these to your benefit and they will surely help you in the new ways that you can be able to review all of your stuff!


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