Sun Sun Sun Here We Come with Warby Parker

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hey all!

i hope you guys had a restful weekend and a great few days. in LA the weather began to warm up, and then all of a sudden it didn’t! may gray has really hit us hard, but the few days of 90 degree weather and SUNNY days made me think of sunglasses… like more than anything! even driving my car in the morning to school had me DREAMING of sunglasses. i had pulled up to my school wearing *my favorite warby parker prescription glasses* and became super inspired to look for new sunglasses with them!

when i got to warby parker i checked out their AMAZING new collection and really just wanted to share them with y’all! they are amazing because they are under $100 (which is amazing for well made sunglasses) and when you buy them they give glasses to those in need! what could be better!

here are some of my favorites!!


(these are in order left to right then top to bottom)

/ aubrey sunglasses in tortoise /

/ flynn sunglasses in canyon tortoise /

/ elle sunglasses in jet black /

/ haskell sunglasses in whiskey tortoise /

/ jones sunglasses in rose guava /

/ jones sunglasses in oak barrel /

enjoy my friends!


kwe monogram



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