18th Birthday Brunch

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hey all!

its been about a month since i did a real life outfit post, and i have so many cute outfits to share! its been so so so busy so i’ve just forgotten to get my outfits up in a good amount of time. but i definitely wanted to share them! because i wanted to share i thought it was perfect to share on this thursday!

anyway, this past saturday i went to the butcher, the baker and the cappuccino maker in west hollywood. i loved the aesthetic there, it was a little blue, white and marble which was a little greek or italian-esque. although it was super cute, i was extremely disappointed in the restaurant because i made a reservation at 11:30 but we didn’t get seated for a whole hour! yes, an hour, and it was a birthday celebration! the hostesses provided terrible service and treated us very unkindly. but the place was beautiful! if you plan on going to this restuarant EVER, don’t even bother making a reservation because they didn’t honor it as it is, and at this point, i also suggest that you go during the week, because the weekend was madness!

without further ado, my outfit!


i wore:

/ a french connection dress / a topshop trench coat /

/ a pair of steve madden sandals  / a louis vuitton purse /

this is a super awesome and versitile dress, its so awesome because its a perfect length and style, and its just a neutral dress and it goes perfect with everything! i also love this trench because even though it very basic its neutral and i can bring it to school next year!


kwe monogram


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