June 2018

hey all!

sorry for being super M.I.A. for these past few days on the blog but you may or may not know, i am graduating this sunday. its a very exciting time, but also a very nerve-racking time because there is just SO MUCH going on and its pretty hard to actually wrap my head around it all! and there have been so many parties, events, and other general things to do that i’ve really just been super crazy out doing things and then as soon as i get free time its onto sleeping or watching netflix (sorry y’all its the truth)!

i wanted to share some summer plans with y’all for things i have planned for the blog and other life events and stuff!

#1: I GRADUATE TODAY and have other grad events

#2: i will register for COLLEGE CLASSES in TWO weeks

#3: i will be sharing summer looks

#4: i have my disney grad nite

#5: i will learn where i live & start dorm room planning

#6: i will be sharing my dorm planning (start shopping at dormify with my 15% off!)

#7: i will be sharing some ways to make money!

#8: i’m going to be trying out a ‘keto’ diet and learning about more different ways to eat

#9: i’m so excited to be trying out new fitness strategies!

#10: i will be sharing my favorite looks for less & quality dupes!

enjoy all!

kwe monogram



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