Goodbye Mayfield

hello all!

this past sunday in a beautiful ceremony at my school mayfield, i finally graduated high school! i have so many feelings which i am not quite ready to talk about but will be sharing very soon! in true blogger fashion, i thought, i would share tons of photos from the day with caption explanations etc!

here we go why don’t we!



we graduate in long white dresses with gloves and red roses. it has been a tradition of all mayfield graduates. and after deciding i actually did like my dress after all, i was super excited for the whole ceremony!


we walk down an aisle in the middle of our beautiful north lawn where we graduate! its a crazy experience to walk down steps without holding railings, in heels and not looking down! all while in a long dress!


here’s one of alix (my older sister) and i! she found some super cool glasses, and she has this whole niche thing where she wears glasses (like these) to different events and i love the ones she found!


here are my ‘core four’ friends! i’ve known them all since i was 5 years old and i will miss them all dearly next year, after 13 years of school together, it will not  be the same without them.


here’s my friend and fellow colonial maeve! i’m so excited to be starting at the george washington university with her this august!


& here’s my best friend ellie! she was the valedictorian (which at my school is the person with the highest gpa!) and i’m so proud that she will be attending notre dame in the fall!



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