Fitness Strategy + Health Update

hey all!

its been about a week since i’ve been doing the AIP/wahls/paleo diet. this means that i have not been eating gluten, dairy, (most) sugar (we’ve honestly been pretty bad at this yo) and, no corn oils, soybean oils and msg! its a little bit of a lot to deal with because this requires a lot of meal prep & not alot of processed foods, which of course is better for you in the long term and less expensive (in the long run) but spends alot of time purchasing, cooking and finding recipes.

with all of this being said, summer is honestly the best time for me to spend time on bettering myself because its not like i have homework, classes or extracurricular activities, and since its right before leaving for college ( & i would like to avoid the freshman 15 like the plague ) it seems like the perfect time!

so with that, here are some of my food options and stuff i’ve liked so far


i’m always up for a good matcha latte, always. so i usually opt for almond milk anyway but it makes me feel better – and i love coffee with almond milk as it is, so it really hasn’t changed at all.

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alix and i tried out ‘yoga-urt’ a dairy free ‘yogurt’ place in glendale, california. gluten and dairy free, they use nut and coconut milks. the flavors are AH-may-ZING – i’ve tasted almost all of them but my  favorite are peanut butter, chocolate (i love them swirled) and the matcha green tea.


of course we go to carmela –  a pasadena favorite. although i usually opt for their espresso or their fruit sorbets i went for their chocolate sorbet. its made with water but tastes so rich, so smooth and so awesome! it’s like brownie batter – and since i can’t eat stuff like that it was soooo good.


for dinner we’ve opted for chicken and beef most nights in different forms. we love soup so we’ve had minnestrone and black bean (all dairy & gluten free options!) and we are limiting carbs (hoping to only have one carby thing per day, although this doesn’t always happen) we usually have the carby option during dinner: this is usually when we eat rice or potatoes but we’ve been eating zoodles more often (which i absolutely love! – and so does the rest of my family!). so this night we had pesto chicken and zoodles (all gluten and dairy free!)

enjoy all!




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