July 2018

hey all!

at risk of sounding like a broken record ( i say this at LEAST every month) happy july! – officially 6 months of the year are COMPLETED! its completely insane to me that its this far into the year and two month ago i just decided where i will be attending school and in less than two months i will move into that school, and to be honest i’m so freaking excited. it seems to be one of the first things on my mind day to day, when i buy things or talk about future plans and its crazy and all VERY surreal.

here are somethings that i’m looking forward to this month!

#1: fourth of july

#2: NORDSTROM ANNIVERSARY SALE (lots of these soon!)

#3: more friend time & free time!

#4: making more art & blog design-y updates

#5: reading more – and listening to more audiobooks

#6: sharing more dorm room stuff & actually shopping for it

#7: more summer looks – using photoshop & REAL photos

#8: updates on my LA guide

#9: finally catching up on westworld & other tv shows i forgot about – ALSO big brother is back and its crazy and exciting as usual.

enjoy my friends!



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