Dorm Room Design pt 2

($ this post contains affiliate links which may be monetized $)

hey all!

i was so excited that y’all loved my first dorm room post so much i decided to do another one sooner rather than later! i’ve been on the constant hunt for new stuff thats even better than before but i’ve honestly been CRAZY trying to figure out how to get all of my stuff to my dorm room without packing up and paying to ship boxes. so i think for decor stuff i’m gonna wait till i move in and then purchase items online so they ship to me, just because then i won’t have to worry about getting my stuff across the country and i will only pay the shipping fee to ship them to DC, and not LA then DC. but if any of you guys have moved to school across country and have any advice for me comment on this post, find me on social or send me an email at! thank you in advance for your help!

as always, a note to all my readers – this post does not mean i own any of the above, or that i will buy any of the above. it just means that i like it visually and (unless noted) i do not own it; all that i will write about is stuff i hear from friends and other users of the product as well as the visual aspects of the product which i will mention in the comment below!

& since i’m a member of the dormifam – you can get 20% off your order with this link!!! just sign up and you’ll get the code in your inbox!

check out my pinterest list here! (click the image to get there!)

Screen Shot 2018-06-13 at 9.05.45 AM.png

but here’s more


/ 1.  ‘chic chic chic’ poster  / 2. wild prairie rose candle / 3. room essentials led task lamp  / 4LED vanity mirror  / 5. kate spade tortoise file folders / 6. kate spade tortoise pen cup / 7. silk pillowcase and eye mask set / 8. made by design metal sweater bin / 9. made by design plastic clear shoe bin / 10. 6 shelf hanging storage organizer / 11. bose soundlink bluetooth speaker / 12. polka dot printed comforter set / 13. monogram pillow / 14. OXO  good grips slanted snack jar  /

i think you guys get my basic dorm room buys – if you guys have anything i should see, or if you have anything you liked for your own dorm room i’d love to see it, so send it my way!

enjoy my friends!










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