Ways to Make Money without a Full-Time (or Part-Time) Job

hey all!

this saturday post  MAY be a big surprise to you, but i decided that the month of july would be the PERFECT month to share one extra post a week because there are SO MANY good things to talk about in july! so anyway onto the post!

i know a summer lull very well, i.e., you didn’t get a job and you’re too old for summer camp and no summer school appeals, aka besides (maybe) a vacation you have zero plans. it happens when you don’t mean it to and it can make you feel totally worthless and just downright lazy, also poor because the summer when you could be making minimum wage you aren’t even making that! guys, i’ve been THERE! fortunately, i’m not there right now (thank G, i’m working at  J.CREW in glendale) but i definitely understand what you’re going through, and it feels as though you’re counterproductive. well i have some tips for ways that you can get your butt moving and also make some money!

here we go!

#1: develop a side hustle

be. like. me. START A BLOG! if you’ve even considered blogging at any point, now is the time to try. you may need to invest a little money in your own domain or other such ways, but it can turn successful. do yoy have any entreprenurial ideas? companies to begin? skills to teach? just start whatever you are planning. it doesn’t hurt to start and it can give you a little something to start a fire under your butt and help you to get to where you wanna be. honestly, i think its the ‘idea’ of something which freaks us out, don’t let the idea take power. take control of the idea and i’m sure you’ll see it blossom just as i have with macarons and must haves!

#2: sell your clothes! (depop, poshmark & thred up)

i understand that this isn’t always an option, you might not have many clothes to begin with, you might not have things you’re willing to part with, but if you are saving money for something expensive, or you’re just saving money for future excursions it doesn’t hurt to honestly go through your closet, and you just might find something you are willing to part with. in my case, its been quite a few things i’m ready to get rid of, so my sister and i sent for a thred up bag about a month ago.

thred up makes it, SO SO SO easy. they SEND a bag to your house, pay for the label and all you have to do is send it back, its THAT easy! and depop and poshmark require you send the item and sell it yourself, ie set listing price, input info, BUT those are easy options as well!

#3: offer to babysit or dog sit in your neighborhood

i understand, not everyone is into dogs or babies, but embelish for yourself, catsit, fishsit (don’t knock it till you try it), grab the nail for your neighbors! its summer and undoubtedly people are going on vacation. if your friends are going on vacation, offer to sit for their animals. usually this requires feeding, occasional playing and walking but usually: a) doesn’t take too long b) is fun if you like the animals you are sitting for. its fairly simple and you can make pretty decent money.

also begin telling friends and family you are free to babysit! if you have nothing else to do in the summer it can’t hurt to play around with kids for a few hours and put them to sleep. you were a kid once, so you know what they like and if you can heat up trader joes food, or know how to plate leftovers you will be decently good at this because half the battle is making sure the kids eat, safely and aren’t in any danger.

#4: offer your family & friends simple tasks that you can do

you can mow the lawn? great! you can sweep the leaves in front of the house? awesome! you can clean toilets pretty well? amazing! you can shop for grocercies? wonderful! you are open to driving kids to and from summer camp? superb! you can take out and in trash cans? fantastic! and most importantly you can tell your friends, family and neighbors that all of these skills are in your reach and your availiablity and you’ll surely hear back! i reccommend posting this on facebook because someone might be looking for just the thing you mention! ask your friends and family to share too and you may acculmulate even more small jobs!

#5: take surveys!

i perfer to not have to mention this, but i think its necessary. there are MANY online sites that you can answer surveys on that can send cash and gift cards to you. many of these surveys require you to be 18, and they ask anything from your basic geographic area and socio-economic status to what kind of cereal is the best. honestly from what i’ve hear from many friends is that they start on these platforms and do it daily for about a week and usually don’t end up making more than $5, but hey it doesn’t hurt to try for a week  and see if you get luckier than they did!

#6: have a garage sale

have general junk lying around your home? i am gonna be honest, i do, and many of you might also! look at the weather (and hopefully pick a weekend day that isn’t too hot) and make flyers to post around the neighborhood and make a post on facebook telling your friends and family and sharing some of the items you’ll be selling and mention the day and the location of the sale. chances are you’ll get rid of some of the stuff you planned on getting rid of anyway, AND you’ll make some money for it.

#7: sell your favorite hobby!

are you really good at painting? really good at pottery? really good at calligraphy? really good at graphic design? really good at making wood furniture? really good at sewing? well, you get my point, you have a hobby, something you like to do, and you’re fairly good at you might as well monetize your skills and start selling things online or at flea markets and other sales. etsy is a super cool website where you can sell pretty much any type of good handmade or otherwise and make money for it! and you have something you’d rather sell locally like furniture? try the ‘5 Mile’ app or post your work on facebook, and someone might just happen upon it and love it!

#8: use apps like uber, lyft, uberEats, instacart & more!

there are SO MANY new apps to make things easier for us for example the ones i mentioned above! if you’re just looking for a side venture and have a car you pretty much have your options open for you! you can drive others around with uber or lyft, bring people delivery food with uberEats and shop for others groceries using instacart. honestly these apps are super easy because there are platforms on both sides, for the consumer and the employee, so most of the time all you need is a phone and a car!

enjoy all & i hope you use these tips to make some extra moola! as always, comment down below with some other suggestions for my readers



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