paleo recipes & fitness update

hey all!

so because i haven’t said or posted about it enough, i am doing the wahls/paleo/aip diet (modified) and i am not being as successful as i hoped. i’ve broken it for some insanely good reasons: burrata cheese, carmela ice cream, homemade pita and hummus and din tai fung, which were so much better than i even remember them being so they were honestly all so satisfying. but my typical day to day has been following the paleo stuff. i have found several things i really have been enjoying and i wanted to share those all with you – and my fitness journey: what i’m doing and what i’m loving!

so here we go on the food!


one of my favorite  breakfast items (you guys i SUCK at eating breakfast anyway so its all VERY new to me) has been a smoothie. i go to trader joes and buy their unsweetened acai packets – you run them under warm water for 15 seconds, break them up and you are then ready to put them in your blender. i typically use 1 packet – unless i am also making smoothies for another day, or other family members. but i then throw in the fruit i have in my house, this is usually a banana, frozen pineapple, and frozen strawberries. i also make some cold brew green tea, let it sit for 10 minutes and throw it into my smoothie and occassionally use some protein powder or other powders.


when i go out and grab food (y’all its SUPER not common anymore because they don’t have many things that i a) enjoy eating b) are in my basic diet) but i love grabbing acai bowls. although i can make them myself, i really love sun life organics, they have several locations in the greater LA area, and one locally by me in pasadena. i live for their hawaiian bowl without the strawberries! other times i go out, i will grab a beef flame broiler bowl with brown rice or pickup some gf and dairy free curry from one of the local indian places or the channa masala from whole foods.


one of my favorite things to pick up in the market are the packages of beans and rice from whole foods. they are in the freezer section and are microwavable. i typically put some fresh salsa on top and these packages are two servings so it easily makes two portions so i’ve easily made two lunches! what a simple and perfect meal for me!


dinners are weird because my parents sorta/sorta don’t follow us in the paleo stuff, but mostly they do for dinner. we don’t eat pasta unless my dad makes fresh sauce, if we buy bread only my mom and dad eat it. we make zoodles and my dad no longer thinks they aren’t real pasta so i shouldn’t waste my time, but ACTUALLY likes them with meatballs, so i think i won this one. but we have absolutely been loving yellow chicken curry. my dad makes it using a trader joes sauce that uses coconut milk and no gluten! how perfect!

now onto the workouts!

i love the 7 minute workout app, they offer different workout options for different skill levels, different targeting areas and different amounts of time. its awesome because i do HIIT workouts and they give you a timer and call out halfway through, when to begin and the last three seconds. its awesome pared with my apple watch because i get to read my heart rate and see how i’m doing. its amazing and makes me feel so motivated to finish up my activity rings.

enjoy all! let me know how you are doing with your own summer adventures down in the comments below!



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