My Simple Makeup Routine

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hey all!

today  i have a really fun makeup post! i am sharing my routine for my basic makeup! i haven’t shared my routine in a VERY long time because as you all know, i went to an all girls high school and never felt it was necessary to wear makeup (yo, don’t get me wrong other people definitely wore makeup, but that was either if they wanted to, or if they personally liked putting on makeup everyday) but i just didn’t do it because i didn’t really feel like waking up earlier, and i also didn’t really care much about how i looked in front of my classmates. but now, i am working and i’ve been going to alot of get-togethers i have definitely been wearing more makeup then before, not cause i feel like i have to, i just personally feel like i look more put together.

okay, on with the show here we go!


i keep all of my makeup in a caboodle. i bought it from urban outfitters because of course i saw it online, it was $10, i had a coupon and paid no shipping so there was no reason not to buy it, and i’m obssessed. i also was v into 90’s beauty and love scrunchies and knew this was perf! i use it to store my beauty, but also to travel with it. i took it to washington d.c. and it was INSANELY easy to travel with because it just held everything. of course, because i’m me, i had to start decorating it. i have put on some glossier stickers which i’ve recieved with purchases and my monogram because i’m me.

shop my caboodle here!


for my actual routine i start with concealer. my face is never too bad, and i never have used full coverage foundation, i have always used a CC cream of some type or a tinted moisturizer. at this point in my beauty journey i am just using concealer. for christmas i recieved a set from benefit of all of their ‘boi-ing’ products – first of all, this set comes in a REALLY cute pencil case, and second it gives you the opportunity to try every boi-ing product. before the kit, i used the boi-ing industrial strength concealer religiously now, i am addicted to the boi-ing airbrush concealer. its much lighter in matter and its insanely good coverage for me. but before i put the airbrush stuff on, i spot treat using the hydrating concealer on blemishes and underneath my eyes. its super good for dark circles, it glides on easily and then i blend using my beauty blender. then i use my beauty blender with the airbrush concealer blending in the rest of my face. i typically top with the mario badescu rose water solution (not pictured) and let it dry and move on to my next step!

shop the boi-ing set here (not pictured)

shop boi-ing airbrush concealer here

shop boi-ing hydrating concealer

shop the beauty blender here

shop mario badescu rosewater here (not pictured)


i then use highlighter. if you guys know me, you know i love my glow and i am a highlighter queen. its easily my favorite makeup item, and i own COUNTLESS versions of highlighters but these are my favorite day to day highlighters. i use glossier haloscope in ‘quartz’ (don’t fight me, but its the BEST color of haloscope). i glide it on my nose, my cheekbones, my cupids bow and underneath my eyebrows usually layering on two coats (its a bit dewier this way) and then i blend with my fingers. if i haven’t achieved enough shine by now, i put on too faced highlighter. its called ‘blinded by the light’ which i always seem to be able to be singing (the song blinded by the light) through the rest of the time i do my makeup. its easily the BEST powder highlight i’ve used, and i am honestly beyond impressed by the way it holds up! i apply it to my face using my fan brush and receive instant dew.

shop glossier haloscope in ‘quartz’ here 

shop too faced ‘blinded by the light’ highlighter here

shop my fan brush here


i go in with my eyebrows next. i used to not do my eyebrows, which was a HUGE mistake because i have actually pretty light eyebrows. i actually never found a product which i really liked until i got glossier boy brow. my sister bought me the color ‘blonde’ which i am not ~really~ a blonde anymore but my eyebrows are still pretty light. its the first color that i have ever found which was good for me, which is super perfect. but before i put on my boy brow, i brush threw my eyebrows using my eyebrow brush. on one side it has a little comb and on the other, a little brush.

shop glossier boy brow here 

shop my eyebrow brush here  


i finish with mascara. i feel like i almost look like an entirely different person and i kinda love that – so i leave it for last. i know some people try to do it sooner rather than later so when they mess up, they won’t have just messed up their entire eye look. but on my typical days i don’t wear eye shadow or eyeliner so i just go ham. i used to use like 7 different mascaras but now i use two because i came across glossier lash slick. its easily the best mascara i’ve ever used. within the first swipe of mascara my eyelashes literally grow in length. its so awesome but i’m, usually too afraid to go in too close to my eye, so then i use my tightline mascara. its a super thin brush so its so easy to touch up and hit the spots you can’t easily hit! after this i usually hit my lips with some lip balm and head on my way!

shop glossier lash slick here 

shop it cosmetics tighline mascara here 

enjoy all! and let me know in the comments down below what your everyday makeup routine looks like!



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