Whats in my Bag – July 2018 UPDATE

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hey all!

its been awhile since i shared with y’all what’s in my bag. i’ve been so busy – with work, friend stuff, family ventures, college prep (so on and so forth) that i have just been totally falling back to a rhythm of a prepacked bag (i don’t usually change it unless i have a blog shoot or something where this bag won’t suffice) but i’ve actually been loving the simplicity – and now when i look for example for my lip gloss i know exactly where it is! which is great for me because i lose ALOT of things just leaving them lying around. but enough with my unorganized thoughts here we go!

my bag


7B79FA76-754F-4AD3-A5F2-B732047AF9EAProcessed with VSCO with dog3 preset


this may i decided to bite the bullet (who am i kidding y’all!) and buy myself a louis vuitton bag. i have been saving for this little guy for the last FOUR YEARS. yes i saved all of high school (and more) for this bag and its kinda insane and weird that i bought it because it feels so crazy that this is my life. to buy this bag i decided that i: a) needed to be financially stable enough to buy the bag and have more money after b) needed to be ‘adult’ enough to treat and care for this bag c) needed to know that i wasn’t gonna feel buyers remorse. i basically saved for this bag by two whole summers of working, birthdays i forgo-ed gifts for money, babysitting (other odd tasks like cat sitting) and the blog! its so insane but i am in LOVE with the bag. it couldn’t have been a better purchase! i worked so hard for it, so every time i carry it i feel like a real adult.

shop my bag: louis vuitton speedy 30 bag

whats inside?


the bag is VERY BIG. much bigger than you might expect. i can fit so so so MUCH in this bag. its actually crazy. i can fit all of these things in my bag including my computer but it gets VERY heavy with it in there. but its actually crazy how much you can truly fit in that bag.  here’s more about what i’m carrying.

Processed with VSCO with dog3 preset

i upgraded myself to a little bigger wallet recently because i have alot more things to carry these days and i perfer this one because it zips all the way around which is much perferable. i love my airpods because i have the iphone 7 and i can’t keep a pair of headphones if it kills me. its so easy to wear these to workout in and to walk around in. they are also great for listening to my audiobooks when i cook, which is such an odd little thing but its hard to think about living without them. i carry a little clare v pouch that my sister picked up at a sample sale in DTLA. i love it because i put my lip products inside – i LIVE for my glossier lip products! – as well as mints and what i am using currently, the listerine pocketpass things. they are great to just lay on your tongue and go about your life!

shop kate spade wallet 

shop clare v ‘i love you’ pouch

shop apple ear pods

shop listerine pocket pass oral care strips

shop glossier lip gloss

shop glossier balm dotcom

i’ve also been carrying not one but two (!!!) pairs of sunglasses because i never quite know how i feel and in summer you can never be too unprepared without sunglasses! i have been loving these cat eye style for the times when i feel like it and my classic ray bans whenever i don’t. also, i keep my life: my entire schedule, blog post ideas, dorm room lists (all of the above and MORE) in my bullet journal. i’ve recently been putting more stickers on it, and i can share some of my fave stickers later but i get lots of ~fandom~ stickers because obviously – so you better believe that i am going to get some brooklyn 99 stickers soon but i have some glossier stickers, stranger things, george washington, ice cream and more stickers on there! i have more on the back too!

shop the leutchturm notebook

shop the rayban sunglasses

shop my cat eye sunglasses (similar)

enjoy my friends!



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