August 2018

hey all!

ITS AUGUST. august. i can’t believe its august. this is so scary, like intensely scary. i know i ALWAYS am freaked out about a new month but this month is terrifying AND exciting just because i know that i have so many things to do before i leave for school in (today, august 2nd) 18 days. i have so many people to see, so many things to do and just thinking about actually wrapping my head around it all is my problem right now. just because thinking about everything this month and spitting it out on the blog page, so here ya go!

#1: i move to washington DC

#2: reading more books!

#3: i start freshman year of college

#4: sharing MORE dorm room picks (see pt 1 & pt 2)

#5: my ACTUAL dorm room

#6: the #nsale ends and i share my #lastpicks

#7: sharing some BTS tips about my bullet journal

#8: showing y’all all my favorite sneakers for back to school

#9: a school supply post!

#10: i wanna do a dorm haul (and set up my dorm with y’all) on YOUTUBE (i know, i know this is not something i do often!)

#11: saying goodbye to friends and family (for now)

#12: just doing my favorite LA THINGS before i leave!

thank you all & i hope you’re as excited about this month as i am!


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