Things I Love ATM

hey all!

i feel like i’ve been doing a lot of more formal posts and haven’t really done alot of sharing of the general things that i love in a long time. i mean, i always share my favorite products with you guys because thats my whole niche but i rarely share some of my favorite ‘links’ with you guys – which i will now be sharing once a month on a saturday post!

so here we go!

#1: this buzzfeed article about ’10 things i hate about you’ – arguably my favorite rom-com of all times, and of course they brought up my favorite quote: “you know, there’s a difference between like and love. i like my Skechers but i love my prada backpack.” ICONIC MOVIE.

#2: i am loving working at the americana because the mall has tons of stores that i am not used to shopping at! in addition, they have a pressed juicery with pressed freezes and they have a current flavor called ‘mango tumeric’ which is the! (pictured above)

#3: shane dawson, a youtuber who i loved in 2014 (and still find v interesting) is making a series on Jeffrey Starr. he’s definitely a controversial figure but i love shane’s videos about him, they’re so entertaining it makes me so excited because the finale is coming out soon!

#4: i love browsing for dorm stuff. i have shared some of my picks with you guys in 1/2/3 posts and definitely great feedback about the products i shared, and just a reminder: since i’m a member of the dormifam – you can get 20% off your order with this link!!! just sign up and you’ll get the code in your inbox!

#5: i am VERY excited for some collabs that i have ahead for this and next month! i have SO MUCH to share and its all great stuff!

enjoy all!



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