How to Make A Mood/Vision Board

hey all!

this summer one of the first ‘creative’ things i did was making a mood/vision board. my sister and i made some over my spring break and since i loved it so much – and decided it would actually be such great dorm decor! and since i had so much fun making my own boards, i decided that i might as well share with y’all how i make my mood boards!

lets get started!

what you’ll need: 

a canvas or poster board (size of your choice, but i used THIS)

bottle of mod-podge with the finish of your choice (i used MATTE)

a paint brush


images and magazine clippings (now, i grabbed images from magazines and also images from my pinterest board called ‘aesthetic’ which you can see below!)

how to complete your board:

#1: begin by collecting all of the images that you will want on your board. i pulled images all with a similar aesthetic so when i put them together it would be an overall ‘pink’ / ‘glam’ and ‘gold’ theme.

#2: then, purchase all of the other materials you’ll need.

#3: OPTIONAL STEP, i started by painting my board with a baby pink color. this just helped me to set the scene for when i picked the images. this contributed also to the color on the sides, it helps to give it a look of a finishing touch, but it does not shine through.

#4: i printed and cut my images to the sizes and shapes i wanted them while the pant dried on my board. and then i made a basic layout for how i wanted the board to look. i decided that using 4x6in printed images would be the best for me because the board would be all covered first, then i could ‘accessorize’ on top with little details.

#5: next, i picked the 4x6in images and ‘mod-podged’ them down by spreading it on the back of the photo with a paintbrush, then i mod-podged the front over.

#6: then i moved to the little accessories, did the same as #5 with the little pieces.

#7: finally, i glossed over the entire mood board with the mod-podge and let it dry for 24 hours. (now i know it doesn’t take this long but i was very concerned not to mess it up and i just had a very easy place to leave it to dry!

honestly, i was not surprised but very glad it looked as good as i’ve seen other people’s look. now mine was a little bit more of a ‘mood’ board rather than a ‘vision’ board but i did make several all with a little bit different aesthetic!

GUYS! i hope you enjoy and try it out yourselves! its an awesome little craft to do with friends or family and turns out as really nice homemade decor which wasn’t a) very hard b) very expensive!



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