must haves: sneaker guide

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hey all!

we are IN THE SWING of the back to school season and i think one of the first things i always thought about buying was shoes. maybe because this is the first year since 2004 that i haven’t worn a uniform and basically my only ‘freedom’ i had was shoes, but this season to me always meant new sneakers. but definitely in these past few years i’ve become a total sneakerhead. i mean they’re SO EASY, you wear them to school, you can (MAYBE) wear them to work, you can wear them to the movies, to brunch and athletic sneakers you wear to workout! so there is truly a sneaker for every occasion. since i ALWAYS  think about sneakers as the back to school season starts i really wanted to share my must have sneaker picks with y’all!

as always, a note to all my readers – this post does not mean i own any of the above, or that i will buy any of the above. it just means that i like it visually and (unless noted) i do not own it; all that i will write about is stuff i hear from friends and other users of the product as well as the visual aspects of the product which i will mention in the comment below!


here we go!


#1: vans gingham classic slip-on sneaker

i bought these at the anniversary sale. i had never owned slip on vans – but these seemed perfect for me! just preppy enough, but definitely CA skater vibes! i am totally gonna wear them all the time in DC and i’m so excited to rep them!

#2: puma rose gold basket-heart sneaker

i love the laces on these, they’re so original and they are definitely more unique then a basic sneaker!

#3: adidas continental 80 sneaker

i was doing some sneaker shopping in my local nordstrom store and i came across these guys. i love the ‘vintagey’ 80s & 90s feel i get about these sneakers and love that they are something a bit more than the basic adidas superstar sneakers.

#4: nike air force 1 detachable logo sneaker

i just bought these and couldn’t love them more. i have had them on my wishlist since at least december so i decided to bite the bullet on some new BTS sneakers. i love the detachable logo because its almost as if you get 4 sneakers in one and it really allows you to match with your outfit and have your own freedom in the look.

#5: vans old school sneaker in old rose

my sister bought these (she goes to USC so this is the perfect color for gamedays) and actually really love the look of these.

#6: adidas superstar sneakers

these are classic. you could never go wrong and although at this point these are kinda ‘basic’ sneakers they’re super great to have in your closet because of their plain and versatile style.

#7: keds for kate spade dancing dot sneaker

first of all, kate spade’s line with keds is just so adorable. i love that the polka dots are embroidered on so they don’t just rub off with wash and wear. keds are classic and these are still a fantastic price.

#8: steve madden emile platform sneaker  

i love the unique star print on these. they definitely mimic the look of a ‘vans’ sneaker but i love the platform style (hello 90’s & 00’s are coming back).

#9: nike free TR8 training shoes

i also bought these on the nordstrom sale. they’re some great basic training shoes for all your gym needs. they’re also fantastic for that simple looking athleisure looks!

#10: nike air max 270 sneaker

i just think these sneakers look SO COOL AND FUTURISTIC. i love the all white profile and the way nike styles them in the ad campaign is super awesome and y’all should take a look at that.

#11: converse x comme des garcon play heart high tops

i think you guys know my love for these comme des garcons sneakers. i love how posh they look – they elevate my favorite classic converse high tops to a cool style!

#12: converse chuck taylor all-star platform sneaker

finally, as i said, the ICONIC platform style is coming back and converse are always classic!

enjoy all!

2 thoughts on “must haves: sneaker guide

  1. I love the look of New Balance lifestyle sneakers, but they’re not vegan. This led me to find Veja. They’re sneakers are stylish, comfortable, and made out of better materials than your typical sneaker.


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