hey all!

august has been a way too busy crazy month for me. i left home, i moved to a new city, i moved into a dorm,  i have 3 other roommates, i started COLLEGE and its all been very  emotional i’m not gonna lie.

so i might as well just go for the month!


i went to the yayoi kusama exhibit in LA with my sister before she moved into her sorority at USC. i wore this super cute outfit AND posted it here! so you can see my outfit in more pictures at the yayoi kusama.


i really enjoyed working at glendale’s americana at brand this summer, i got to experience many more things and i learned alot about working in retail. something i miss most about the americana (was NOT the drive) but the pressed juicery we had with pressed freezes – they were SO good!


in my last few days i was going food crazy because i was leaving a beautiful kitchen and some fantastic food at my house. i miss being able to make these smoothies/bowls for breakfast and i miss cooking overall.


and before i left, my ‘last supper’ was my dad’s famous amaticriana pasta sauce. it was so insanely good and i really wish i had that comfort food now.


my friends and i went to eataly (of course we HAD to) because they have eataly in chicago (where one is going) and in new york (where the other is going). it was so good to sit down and eat with them, it wasn’t the final time i saw them but it was definitely a great ‘fancy’ last supper for us.

Processed with VSCO with 6 preset

my dad and i went to blue bottle before we left ( i know i have one here but i will miss the cascara fizz in the real summer time).


before i sent my sister off to live at her sorority house she and i had her ‘last supper’ at jon & vinny’s which is an AMAZING italian place on wilshire. we had the ‘LA woman’ pizza which is like margherita with fresh burrata cheese and the spicy rigatoni! it was even better than it looks.

IMG_3967 2

obviously i left for dc, y’all knew that though. on the first day i was here it rained on and off like CRAZY and my dad walked around all day and we were going to visit l’enfant square and i just wanted to show y’all how cool the sky looked.


once i had some free time all on my own i walked to the martin luther king jr memorial. my dad and i visited in april but i went again just to sit and look. it made me feel so calm  and ~alittle but just alittle~ less stressed than i had been before.

Processed with VSCO with dog3 presetIMG_5643 2

while my dad was still in DC we went to the national building museum. they have a really cool exhibit called ‘fun house’ i have to admit, its really for children but my dad and i had a great time! we sat in the pool ball pit for awhile and took photos with all of the art!


and OBVIOUSLY i started school! today i am ALMOST done with my first week. it has been hard, just starting school so far from home but i am trying and that’s what matters.

enjoy all!



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