September 2018!

hello all!

welcome (or welcome back) to macarons and must haves! in short, its september which is totally back to school season and we’re definietly more into the fall season. even though its still pretty hot for me, i feel once school starts: fall starts, so fall has started. feel the fall! PSLs are in, and although i don’t drink them (too much sugar, i prefer my sour patch kids thank you VERY much) but this is an official fall moment now.

here’s a few things to look forward to this september!

#1: an update for my first month in college

#2: a partnership with a beauty brand!!!

#3: some new fall LEWKS

#4: talking all the truth about ~college food~

#5: the labor day break from school

#6: some bullet journal updates

#7: general life updates!!

#8: some DC fall outfit pics

#9: some of my favorite college going out picks




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