Must Haves: Frank Body ‘Anti Angry Face Mist’

(before i go ~on with the show~ i gotta mention that this is an #AD BUT i would NOT be sharing it with any of you if i thought in ANY way it was a bad product, you can read more about that HERE)

hey all!

happy sunday! i missed y’all thursday, but college got TOO REAL and i needed to step back for a moment. and because i wasn’t just about to half write this blog post i decided that i would take a few more days and REALLY get the content you all came for, and the content that i am used to creating on a regular basis! so now finally on with the show!

so a few weeks ago i got an email from an AMAZING BRAND which i have truly been using for years which is called ‘frank body’. you ~might~ know them as the brand that created that coffee body scrub – which is like magic BTW (it seriously helped some minor keratosis pilaris on my arms). they reached out and mentioned that they were getting in the skincare game and i just had to jump at the idea! i mean i consider myself to be a minorly skincare obsessed person (that’s what acne prone oily skin does to ya folks!).

i was so excited to see their product ‘anti-angry face mist’!

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if you know me at all, you know that i have been using both the mario badescu rosewater spray and kora organics balancing rose mist back and forth for probably ~about 8 months~ almost everyday – but definitely if i wear makeup.

one of the many things i’ve learned since i started school is that college messes with your skin. for me, i am in a different climate, something that is ALOT more humid than i’m used to because LA weather is majorly dry. also your diet is different in college, i will go into detail later about college food – and especially the situation at GW but i cooked so much at home and ate so much home food so thats really different. also STRESS, its already probably the most stressful thing i have ever experienced in many different ways. ALSO, in high school i NEVER WORE MAKEUP in my day to day life. like only on special occasions. obviously as i worked during the summer i wore a bit more but i am trying to JUST use concealer and then fill in brows and do mascara but thats even more than i am used to.

all of these things are MAJOR acne triggers for me and basically my chin has been in constant break out since i’ve been here. glossier solution has been keeping my forehead in great shape but its always hard to keep up with the acne on my chin. so i was SO OPEN to try something new skincare wise.

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in comes frank body anti-angry face mist!

and dude the name does NOT lie! *apologies for my nails, for some reason i didn’t think to bring my FAVORITE nail polish with me! so i’ve been riding with unpainted chipped nails for awhile, but bear with me!*. one spritz of this spray REALLY makes you feel alot more refreshed, which my college skin is having a DAY with! it makes you feel refreshed even after waking up in a dorm room after staying up for you know how long and studying for HOURS on end.

i love love love the smell of this product, its a bit lighter than other similar products and i prefer the smell over the rose scent! this product really is perfect to throw over makeup for just a little necessary refreshment in your day!

the product is available for purchase at ulta cosmetics and frank body for $12.95! its a super competitive price and you should really try it if you’re looking for something new in your routine!

enjoy all! i hope you try this out!



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