hello all!

september was a whirlwind of a month, to say the least. it marked my first whole MONTH in college, i did so many new things, met so many new people and just overall had so many new experiences. sorry i was fairly MIA for most of this month, i swear thats gonna change, and you’ll hear all about it TOMORROW! and i’m so excited to share all THAT with you then!

so on with the stuff right!

dc exploring! i got to do LOADS this month in terms of exploring. i honestly took all the free time walking around, taking the metro and just seeing what i could see. since i’d only been to dc three times before i moved here its been my most important thing to do. one of the reasons i picked GW is the fact that it was in dc, and since that was a reason, i really needed to be able to explore all of what dc has to offer! even though i haven’t explored everything ~yet~ i have plans to see more soon with fall break coming up soon!

food! y’all know that this month i recapped the little food situation at gw, yes its a time, and i’m still figuring everything out, but yesterday i had the chance to meal prep for this next week ahead and i’m so glad i did! anyway, this month within my exploring i’ve found some pretty great auxiliary food options! i love compass coffee for lattes and peanut butter cookies! (seriously i get a pb cookie whenever i go and study as incentive to study more), i love bluestone lane for when i walk to georgetown – also dean and deluca for sandwiches! i love dolcezza (so many throughout the city) gelato but especially when i visit the hirshhorn. and south block makes AH-MA-ZING acai bowls (& on my meal plan!) which remind me of home.

gw stuff! since coming to school and starting classes i’ve been able to have some pretty amazing experiences so far! gw’s location in the city truly allows me to explore and creatively get up to some amazing ideas. for art classes so far i have visited the NGA both normal and east building and been in the european study room, and the hirshhorn but i have plans to hit up more soon! i have been able to join some fashion orgs – at the helms in the creative dept and gotten to sit in, model and creatively direct some photographs (COMING SOON!) and been able to create projects for classes which expanded my formal training with artistic materials.

this has truly been one amazing month, and as fall REALLY sets in and as the leaves begin to fall i can only imagine what next month will look like!

thanks all for the read & see ya soon!



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