October 2018

hey all!

guess what! i believe its been at least 2 years since i’ve done this, but i’m doing something big, MOVING AROUND THE BLOGGING SCHEDULE! you probably noticed that in the month of september i posted only twice/week. not going to lie, the transition was hard – AS I EXPLAIN HERE – but i finally feel as though i’m in the flow again!

so what are my days right now? up until today, my blog posts had gone up on tuesdays, thursdays and sundays – with an occassional special ‘saturday’ post here and there thrown in along with 4 times/month for december for all of the gift guides.

so what am i changing that my days to? M – W – F! why monday/ wednesday/ friday? my college schedule is super hectic and it honestly makes way more sense – with the time i’m allotted to be able to post on these days – of course sometimes with a special saturday or sunday post for whatever reason!

soo, october, its started, as my friend said this morning “its the first of halloween,” so basically yes! fall, halloween, pumpkins, skeletons, apple cider and other fall moods i am totally for. i am so excited to experience a ‘classic’ fall, you know like the ones you see in books, movies and on tv! i am already drinking my apple cider and eating my pumpkin bread and am pumped for this month!

so what am i looking forward to?

#1: halloween

#2: ~fall vibes~

#3: my 4th blogiversary

#4: unlimited pumpkin bread


#6: pumpkin patches and cute apple orchards

#7: my 5 day long fall break (i’m exploring dc/va/md)

#8: lattes and coffee dates

#9: corcoran ball!! (will explain later)

#10: a GIVEAWAY!

guys! let me know down below what your october will look like!



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