4 Years

*picture via ban.do*

hey all!!

today marks my blog’s 4th birthday. CAN YOU EVEN? i can’t. four years. oh my gosh. oh my gosh. oh my gosh. yeah. um, so yeah, i’m just so incredibly happy and i cannot even begin to explain what this means to me.

started in october 5th, 2014, macarons and must haves (formerly macarons and marchesa) was created as my passion project as a freshman in high school. inspired by bloggers which i had seen and i just decided ‘why not.’  because simply why not?! there was nothing for me to lose at the point in time and i just really wanted some way to journal my thoughts and feelings as well as being able to share with friends and family what is up in my life, how my style is evolving and what to shop for (for me) and their other friends and family!

my blog became my respite, my creative passion, my time suck and my COLLEGE ESSAY (yes you read that correctly, i wrote about my blog in my college essay).  i’m not kidding. macarons and must haves has become my life, first and foremost i’m a person and a student, but #3 has been ‘blogger’ because i’m honestly so incredibly proud of what i’ve been able to accomplish on my blog.

my blog has allowed me to explore a career path in the creative arts and now i’m in school for graphic design in hopes of somehow working in the fashion industry in some form and way. i’ve honestly met so many people and created bonds over the fact that i blog and i ALWAYS have a ‘fun fact’ when we do icebreakers. i have found an ultimate passion, something that i can be creative with in an unexpected way, and honestly as the blog has grown so have i. its absolutely insane but it has allowed me to take chances and think ‘why not?’ because it gives me the confidence i need to try new things.

thank you all for staying here and journeying with me, and cheers to another four years!



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