Thing I Love : October 2018

hello all!

happy friday! fridays are my days off so i’ve already gotten to pick up an acai bowl this morning while running AND cleaning my dorm and doing laundry, so yeah i’d say its been a pretty successful morning.

for forever i’ve been seeing people collect their favorite links and share them with their audiences and i’ve always wanted to do that. if you know me you’ll know one thing, i always have at least 30 tabs open on my computer, these are everything from essays and homework assignments to shopping links, recipes and buzzfeed, who what wear or my favorite blog articles. so for sure, i have the links to say it basically and its so easy to talk about it so why not!

here we go!

// 1. town and country magazine made a list of the best fall movies in aesthetics, looking at the list makes me just want to heat up some cider and cuddle into my bed! //

// 2. don’t @ me, but i’ve been obsessed with shane dawson’s collaboration about jake paul, if you haven’t seen or heard about it you aren’t on youtube very often because EVERYONE seems to be talking about it there, but its very intriguing to say the least. //

// 3. currently i’m trying out more cooking at school and i’ve been trying to find some amazing recipes. we have a full sized kitchen with a stovetop and an oven but we don’t have any blenders or other appliances like that i’ve found these recipes for pumpkin risotto and spicy acorn squash with feta //

// 4. who what wear’s collection of forever 21 under $40 picks has my eyes and wallet VERY excited for some adorable picks! i especially love the faux red croc tote that they featured and it would go perfect with my fall palette and its just super chic! //

// 5. when i run now i can almost no longer listen to music, i easily get bored and my mind wanders, HOWEVER, i have been listening to podcasts, in addition to my usual favorites: ‘getting curious’, ‘the daily’ and ‘the good place podcast’ my roommate suggested i listen to serial and i’ve been obsessed ever since. //

// 6. my sister’s friend cami has a really cool food instagram called ‘@camikeepseatingthings’ she’s given me some amazing college food inspo and honestly her photos always make me so hungry!  //

// 7. finally, i’ve been getting back into pinterest, some of you might had noticed i’d been a bit inactive there because i was busy BUT i’m back! and better than ever get ready for tons more sharing very soon! //




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