College Fitness Update + Fall Playlist

hey all!

as you can tell from the title, we’re discussing fitness. yes, yes again i’m mentioning, this has been a requested post and i felt like i should talk about fitness since i’ve talked about food and clothes already it seems like the most natural way to do this!

let’s get started.

i made my health a priority in the second half of high school. after sophomore year and deciding to quit basketball i felt an extreme lull in my fitness. i wasn’t doing a winter sport and i had absolutely no reason to keep in shape, so i decided to start getting into shape for myself. at that point i ran three times a week and trained my arms in the weight room and walked on saturdays and sundays. then over that summer, i did my 28-day reset which required 3-blogilates videos and workouts 5 days a week and then i also began walking everyday in order to finish my 10,000 steps from my fitbit.

then i started senior year and after golf season i began running everyday. i really liked running and soon went from 2-3 miles to more. i continued running everyday this past summer before college and right up until i started school.

college has been most of the same. i try to run everyday. i perfer running outside and will do it unless its POURING RAIN. i was so excited to run here because i have a beautiful route! i live very close to the national mall and although i change it up i usually do a monument run and occasionally (about 1-2) per week run from lincoln to the capitol (approx 6 miles) but mostly i run between 4-5 miles.

especially since starting school here i’ve been running alot. i really love it actually and have been listening to many podcasts and lots of music. i love being able to run because i can just forget about the world for like 7.5 seconds of my day and just enjoy myself!

anyway, here’s my fall playlist!




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