hey all!

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! i had an amazing pre-halloweekend and i’m ready for a super fun night and post-halloweekend!! october was  midterms month and the first time i felt loke i was super secure in my classes! how exciting! i’ve been in school for two months now and its actually crazy to think i have already reached through the first half of my first semester. i am holding onto time like crazy but its been moving all so fast i can’t believe that october is already over, i’m so sad!

anyway, on with the show,

2018-10-06 11:27:19.254

i got to visit the supreme court during the kavanaugh voting process. it was such an amazing experience to see how history was LITERALLY moving around me, and being written as i walked around the capitol area. this is what i came here for, but its so weird when it happens right in front of my own eyes.

2018-10-13 11:23:12.270.JPG

for homework, i got to explore the national gallery of art east building. i was doing a project for both my sculpture class and my art history class and was looking for pieces which fit a theme for me. i was super excited and even got to see some of the pieces i was studying this semester in art history.

2018-10-13 11:20:03.431.JPG

one of my assignments for my sculpture class was attending the rachel whiteread show at the NGA east building. whiteread is a fierce british female artist who largely makes casts of other things using many different materials. right now, in sculpture we’re doing casting so it came at a really amazing time! the show was AMAZING and was really inspiring.


i got to visit city center dc. city center is this really cool outdoor mall in DC, i’m pretty sure its so new that it only really came out like this past year. they had these umbrellas up which was this really cool outdoor/public art display! super cool!


one of the things i’ve joined since starting at gwu is the gw style magazine. its an organization for those of us interested in fashion and publication and i thought, what would be better for me right? anyway, we did this awesome photo shoot which turned out really well – i love this shot of me above.


as you know from my plaid pants post, i got to visit georgetown! i just love how beautiful it is, especially as it is sorta becoming fall because its just so majestically the classic fall i always wanted to be able to experience. in such a beautiful place.


if you follow me on instagram, its more than likely that you’ve heard about compass coffee. compass is a local coffee house with branches all over the city. i usually go to the mcpherson square one and go and study with a latte. not only is it a peaceful way to get off campus but i also get their amazing lattes and peanut butter cookies.

2018-10-26 08:52:00.586.JPG

more than anything the thing that makes me so excited about DC is the exploring. i’ve been able to have different experiences and see so many new things. i seriously love this place and want to see all it has to offer! have y’all been to DC? do you have any suggestions as to where i should explore next?

enjoy my friends & happy halloween!



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