November 2018

hey all!

happy november & happy birthday to my mom! (her birthday is tomorrow) but its the first time in my entire life that i haven’t been there to celebrate with her but i’m sure she’s having a great day! anyway, since this is the first post this november it means another month intentions/what i’m got to look forward to this month. i usually mention the most exciting things i’ve got planned both in my personal life, in school and on the blog! i like to talk about professional goals, holidays, and just fun stuff which i have planned for this next month!

here we go why don’t we! what i’m looking forward to:

#1: thanksgiving day (FOOD FOOD FOOD)

not a turkey gal, but i will be jazzed for stuffing, green beans and sweet potatoes as those are my faves! i also love pecan pie – but no other types of pie.

#2: thanksgiving break

(=i’ve got a surprise about that which i will be sharing as it comes up! but for right now, y’all can wait 🙂

#3: the weather 

colder, colder, colder. yes, yes, its not something i’m used to but i actually LOVE IT and soon i will just be complaining but for right now i just love it and it gives me life.


will be sharing looks ASAP and cute winter styles for the upcoming season!


after thanksgiving, holidays become fair game. fair is fair and you bet you’ll get an avalanche of holiday posts from me.

#6: fall & winter recipes 

been meaning to share these for awhile, but i have a few which i love to make and hopefully will get to you super soon!

#7: christmas gift guides + wishlists 

yep, they’re coming & i’m ready for them & y’all i’ve got you TOTALLY COVERED this year. GET EXCITED!

#8: my classes, continuing getting closer and closer to finals

this one speaks for itself.

#9: running goals

you know i’ve been running every day? well i’ve got some goals to reach this november which i hope to achieve!

alright everyone, have a fantastic day!



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