December 2018 Intentions

hey all!

its saturday – and i know that i usually don’t post on saturdays! but THIS MONTH, leading up to christmas i’m posting on saturdays! these posts are not limited to, but will include, gift guides, holiday looks and general holiday posts! well today, i am doing a general intentions for december!

here we go!

#1: christmas & holiday szn

the decorations have been put up in my room, the white house christmas tree is LIT, and its cold as heck! thus the holiday season is so far ahead of us! yay! we love christmas season, super excited for the music and the food.


you didn’t ~necessarily~ ask for them but here they are! you can view them 24/7 from the page in the header of the blog site! soon i have posts for the guy & girl in YOUR life!

#3: end of 1st semester

its coming to an end. i’m kinda sad but also kinda happy about it. i loved my first semester of college so so much and all of the friends i got to make and all of the amazing memories that i’ll have for a long time.

#4: more holiday looks

i have some SUPER cute looks planned for shoots in both dc and in LA, so prepare for those! i’ve collected some pretty budget friendly clothes to share with the rest of my college gals!

#5: going home for break!

as i mentioned before, yes, first semester is ending so naturally i’m headed home for an extended winter break, i’m so excited to head back home again.

#6: finals szn 😦

yes, semester is over, finals happen. not sure, but i’ll be fine!


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