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when did you start your blog? why?

i started my blog in october 2014 as a freshman in high school. i was influenced by blogs like preptista written by sammy, citrus and style written by caroline and college prepster written by carly and i really wanted to just start a blog because i loved these girls’ style and thought it was so cool that they talked about the stuff they liked and their lives in general.

where do you go to school?

i go to high school right now and don’t exactly feel comfortable in sharing something so personal like my high school but i will definitely be keeping you up with my personal college progress for my future.

who designed your blog?

i did! i run via wordpress and use the theme called  “olsen” which is a premium theme. i personally created my own logo, signature and all other aspects.

what type of camera do you use?

i personally shoot on a nikon d40x or my iphone 7 and i have my photos taken by my sister via her canon rebel eos. she has a photography website here.

what is your advice for starting a blog?

i talk some special blog tips here, but i advise you to contact any and all people to work together and definitely check out my pinterest page (down below) to see any specific cool new things you will be getting into in starting a blog.

do you ever work with brands?

yes! i do, if you are a brand / company looking for an influencer look no further! you can head to my “about” tab and follow to the “hire me” tab where you can contact me/ ask any questions, see my disclosure agreement and get my media portfolio and either contact me down below or via my email: macaronsandmusthaves@gmail.com.

will you look at my blog/ follow my instagram?

sure! contact me via the form down below and please leave me your username etc!