Father’s Day Gift Guide

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hey all!

i missed you all tuesday, but i have been in the thick of it lately getting a bunch of graduation stuff together but hey all good things, all good things! and since i’ve found father’s day creeping up on us, slowly but surely this year, i decicded to start with my father’s day gift guide already! (hey you can never be too prepared with gifts!)

as always, a note to all my readers – this post does not mean i own any of the above, or that i will buy any of the above. it just means that i like it visually and (unless noted) i do not own it; all that i will write about is stuff i hear from friends and other users of the product as well as the visual aspects of the product which i will mention in the comment below!

here we go!


#1: patagonia better sweater zip front jacket 

patagonia jackets are a hit everywhere, and although he might not need to wear  this jacket during this season, (unless you are still feeling the LA may gray like we are) but these jackets are casual, but very versatile and patagonia products literally last forever, so its practical AND a great gift, just what your dad would want!

#2: bose wireless headphones 

this may be a huge assumption, but i feel like its a ‘dad thing’ to REALLY LOVE music, not just ‘like’ it but really love it! maybe that’s just because my dad loves music (seriously all kinds) but i feel like he is always searching for his headphones, the ones that work with  his phone. these headphones have no wire connecting to the phone so he can switch between devices without dongles/etc!

#3: paul smith ‘doodles’ leather bifold wallet

this is a wallet that will definitely spice up his usual wallet experience! this paul smith one, with the little gold bunnies on it. it is mostly plain, but offers a little unique style to a boring wallet!

#4: converse comme de garcons high tops 

y’all know i want these for myself, but they also sell them for men! last year i was saying to match with your dad with nike cortez, and this year i am saying match with your dad with these adorable sneakers. i love the playful touch and converse are amazing for their versatility.

#5: jack black jack pack set 

skincare is something that for a lot of people tends to go unrecognized, for lack of time, for lack of caring etc. just giving this gift will remind your father that skincare is aways hella important!!

#6: hershel wheeled carry-on

*channeling my own father as i think of this* because i will be going to school in DC and my dad will need a very accessible carry on, sooo because i thought of him, i thought that this would be a great option! its a cute suitcase, and from the reviews i can tell its a super nice suitcase!

#7: nike air max 270 sneaker

you know that i’ve been obsessed with these nike air max shoes for AWHILE and i also think that they are awesome shoes because they are super cool looking and will always be an awesome gift idea.

#8: happy socks the beatles 3 pack gift set

my dad is a sock guy, he loves fun socks and when i came across these socks i immediately thought they were the coolest things ever. they are the classic beatles print and are very cute! they are super fun to wear under any pair of pants, and then whip out the ‘yellow submarine’ on his feet!


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Graduation & Baccalaureate Dresses

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hey all!

its graduation season, i mean now, we are totally in full swing to have them occur very soon, and i am 14 days away from my own graduation, and since we have tons of grduation events i know the pressure to come up with several different dresses (because g-d forbid if you post pictures on your instagram from TWO different events and you wear the same dress! *i’m just being sarcastic don’t be offended by this*) so anyway, since i’ve been in the trenches searching for the perfect dresses (after all there will be pictures of these moments forever) i’ve decided to make a post to share with you some of my favorite dresses.

even though i, myself am wearing a special dress for my graduation (y’all i go to an all girls’ school so all 90 of us are matching, but i’ll get into that later. and i know you guys may have all types of restrictions on styles, lengths, colors & etc. so i’ve tried to pick a good mix of stuff in case you have some regulations!

as always, a note to all my readers – this post does not mean i own any of the above, or that i will buy any of the above. it just means that i like it visually and (unless noted) i do not own it; all that i will write about is stuff i hear from friends and other users of the product as well as the visual aspects of the product which i will mention in the comment below!

here we go!


#1: row a cinch front minidress

this more casual style is perfect for any hot day! the cinch piece in the front makes it a bit more unique, and its price point is just amazing! it would make for a perfect summer dress to dress up with heels or dress down with sneakers!

#2: french connection light sweetheart minidress 

i am wearing this same dress style in the different color in this post! this color, called ‘tea gown’ is so pretty, and although this color is wayy too light for myself, this dress comes in four different colors and its amazing, versatile and super well made!

#3: topshop crepe wrap dress

another dress i own! you can see it on me here. this is another dress that comes in a bunch of different colors, 6 to be exact. i have the dark green which i wore for christmas stuff and i have been able to keep wearing it for the versatile style, i love this blue color and its perfect!

#4: astr lace midi dress 

i’ve been seeing this style around for a pretty long time, and this is one of the better looking lace midi dresses i’ve seen in this price point.  with 8 unique colors this is perfect for big events and is a very special dress!

#5: sezane anastasia silk wrap dress 

i am loving wrap dresses these days, incase y’all didn’t already know and since sezane is new to nordstrom i’d been seeing it everywhere and i’d been loving this french girl style! this print is super summer-y and could be perfect for any of your big events!

#6: french connection whisper fit and flare dress

i am in LOVE with this style AND color. this fit and flare with those strappy details is so so cute! i am loving the structured kind of nature of the dress and yet the flouncy style too!


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18th Birthday Brunch

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hey all!

its been about a month since i did a real life outfit post, and i have so many cute outfits to share! its been so so so busy so i’ve just forgotten to get my outfits up in a good amount of time. but i definitely wanted to share them! because i wanted to share i thought it was perfect to share on this thursday!

anyway, this past saturday i went to the butcher, the baker and the cappuccino maker in west hollywood. i loved the aesthetic there, it was a little blue, white and marble which was a little greek or italian-esque. although it was super cute, i was extremely disappointed in the restaurant because i made a reservation at 11:30 but we didn’t get seated for a whole hour! yes, an hour, and it was a birthday celebration! the hostesses provided terrible service and treated us very unkindly. but the place was beautiful! if you plan on going to this restuarant EVER, don’t even bother making a reservation because they didn’t honor it as it is, and at this point, i also suggest that you go during the week, because the weekend was madness!

without further ado, my outfit!


i wore:

/ a french connection dress / a topshop trench coat /

/ a pair of steve madden sandals  / a louis vuitton purse /

this is a super awesome and versitile dress, its so awesome because its a perfect length and style, and its just a neutral dress and it goes perfect with everything! i also love this trench because even though it very basic its neutral and i can bring it to school next year!


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Must Haves: Swimwear 2018

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hey all!

its my last school week in high school (before my service project starts) so this week is a little bittersweet. i head to school in my sweatshirt and soon get very overheated (and i don’t take it off like a normal human) and as i sit in my classes i DREAM of swimming in a nice cool pool with a nice frozen lemonade.

because of these swimming dreams, i have been doing some (what i call) ‘online-window shopping’ of swimsuits, and although i have found SO many that i liked, today i put together a little colletion for you guys! i picked some one pieces, some bikinis and some mix and max seperate options!

as always, a note to all my readers – this post does not mean i own any of the above, or that i will buy any of the above. it just means that i like it visually and (unless noted) i do not own it; all that i will write about is stuff i hear from friends and other users of the product as well as the visual aspects of the product which i will mention in the comment below!

here we go!


#1 : eberjay annia so solid bikini bottoms 

these bottoms are a perfect neutral blue bottom which you can pair with either #2 or #3. they are a nice style, and aren’t too skimpy or small for you, and they are such a cool fabric too!

#2: topshop ribbed tie bikini top 

you’ll see a decent amount of ribbing on this post, so i might as well tell you that ribbing on swimsuits is in right now! perfect right? it allows you to wear plain colors that have just a touch of something else going on!

#3: solid & striped ‘quinn’ bikini top 

i’ve loved the solid and striped brand for awhile for their striped one pieces but i have loved seeing their bikinis this season, this shape is a little out of the ordinary but the straps make the look super chic.

#4: sweaty betty offshore bikini bottoms 

sweaty betty is this super awesome active brand and i’ve heard many good things about their bottoms! they are reversible so you can wear them this way or on the grey side and they pair really nice with any black swimsuit!

#5: l space rebel bikini top 

i love this shape, and these colors for this season! the neutrals are really nice for girls who are not really into too many colors, and what can i say? black is totally slimming!

#6: topshop shirred bikini bottom 

this is a super unique but very cool fabric, topshop has been awesome about creating super reasonable swim seperates, and although you could pair this top with another look, it just looks amazing with the bottoms!

#7: shirred high waist bikini bottom

same as applied to #6 because they are a matching set!

#8: topshop straight neck one piece

this straight neck one piece is super nice and simple! perfect for the season! i love the color, and even though it wouldn’t look good on me, it would be perfect for all of you!

#9: robin piccone jennie plunge swimsuit 

i love polka dots this season, and know y’all do too! this one piece is super cute because the color is amazing and the look is super chic!

#10: topshop ribbed bandeau top 

this orange suit is kinda small, but is totally a cute set! i love the orange color and i am still loving the ribbed!

#11: topshop ribbed bikini bottoms

same as applied to #10 because they are a matching set!

#12: isabella rose smocked bandeau bikini top 

this smocked wonder is a super unique bathing suit, and probably no one else will have the same look as you! the rainbow colors are good because they aren’t too much but they are super good.

#13: isabella rose smocked bikini bottoms

same as applied to #12 because they are a matching set!

#14: leith high waisted red bottoms 

same as applied to #15 because they are a matching set!

#15: leith red bandeau bikini top 

this is a super simple but very versitile set! its super nice and can honestlty be worn whenever and wherever!

#16: j.crew straight bandeau bikini top 

enjoy friends!

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Sun Sun Sun Here We Come with Warby Parker

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hey all!

i hope you guys had a restful weekend and a great few days. in LA the weather began to warm up, and then all of a sudden it didn’t! may gray has really hit us hard, but the few days of 90 degree weather and SUNNY days made me think of sunglasses… like more than anything! even driving my car in the morning to school had me DREAMING of sunglasses. i had pulled up to my school wearing *my favorite warby parker prescription glasses* and became super inspired to look for new sunglasses with them!

when i got to warby parker i checked out their AMAZING new collection and really just wanted to share them with y’all! they are amazing because they are under $100 (which is amazing for well made sunglasses) and when you buy them they give glasses to those in need! what could be better!

here are some of my favorites!!


(these are in order left to right then top to bottom)

/ aubrey sunglasses in tortoise /

/ flynn sunglasses in canyon tortoise /

/ elle sunglasses in jet black /

/ haskell sunglasses in whiskey tortoise /

/ jones sunglasses in rose guava /

/ jones sunglasses in oak barrel /

enjoy my friends!


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Spring Look : Vol. 7

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hey all!

this is an extremely busy week because i have ap exams wednesday, thursday and friday and in heeding my own advice from my recent post about exams, i am taking a break off from my post on thursday to destress from ap exams and just worry about the end of my school year instead! but don’t you fret, i will be back and better than ever for a LONG post on sunday, so that is something to look forward to!

as always, a note to all my readers – this post does not mean i own any of the above, or that i will buy any of the above. it just means that i like it visually and (unless noted) i do not own it; all that i will write about is stuff i hear from friends and other users of the product as well as the visual aspects of the product which i will mention in the comment below!

here’s the look!


 / dress : french connection printed sweetheart mini  / sunglasses : ‘the candy’ /

/ bag : staud bisset bag / shoes : steve madden carrson sandals /

i am in LOVE with this style from ‘french connection’ and i am totally digging the print, its super springy and could also play really nicely in the summer too! with the dress, i decided to pair my favorite neutral heels (* i own these ones in a sparkly color and a white which i will be wearing for my graduation!!) because they dress up the look a bit without going too far out of the norm. i also paired it with a pair of adorable sunnies from the ‘madelaine pestch’ colloection (if y’all don’t know the name she’s cheryl blossom on the teen hit riverdale!!). i really love their shape and they are not too expensive but you will definietly get loads of use of them for the season ahead. last but certainly not least i decided to pair the look with this staud bisset bucket bag , i am in love with the staud brand and think this style is classic and is totally going with the current trend of the bucket bag!

enjoy all!

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How to Prepare for Exams (& AP exams!)

hey all!

if you’re in college you have either: a) finished your finals and are so far out of there or b) have your finals coming up! and if you’re in high school you either a) have finals coming up, or b) have AP exams coming up THIS WEEK! (and next week too!). because i am a seasoned finals taker i really have been around the block with these guys so i have so many tips for y’all whether you are new to finals, or like me, are a seasoned professional.

here we go!


many people aren’t into a hollistic approach to studying (which i understand, y’all its all good whatever you do!) but i believe that your diet (the foods you eat) can really affect how you feel. this DOESN’T mean you CAN’T eat the pizza you want, but eat the pizza and then have something good for your brain!

a list of some brain foods for you!

#1: avocados

#2: dark chocolate (yeah something good for you!)

#3: blueberries

#4: bulletproof coffee (and bars and etc!) check out their site!

#5: bone broth (you can drink it or eat it like soup!)

#6: almond butter

#7: green tea!


i put this one down at a risk of sounding like a broken record. speaking of *cue: take a break from the hamilton soundtrack* because that is what i am singing in my head right now. its super cliche but it really does help! i am making sure to get my exercise in, and get my endorphins running as well as taking a little break to watch some quick youtube videos now and then.

my favorite ways to take a break from studying:

#1: taking a run or a walk!

#2: having a 10 minute dance party to my favorite songs

#3: washing my face and putting on a mask

#4: taking a quick stroll through instagram

#5: making tea and taking a few minutes to drink it!


tired and bored and stuck with your old study space? wrangle up some headphones and load your study materials up in a bag and go! if your house is too loud/or no longer suitable for paying attention for hours at a time change up your environment!

here are some of the places i may go to change up my space!

#1: a coffee shop

#2: a library

#3: a park with a comfy bench

#4: your favorite cafe!

#5: a smoothie store or a juice place!

#6: a outdoor or indoor mall with tables (grab food and sit down!)


make use of as much sleeping time as you can! take a nap when your schedule allows, or just take advantage of when you can sleep in or get to bed early. to ensure your most helpful sleep, you should turn off devices one hour before bed ( i know i am saying this but i am VERY BAD at this myself and often fall asleep with my computer on) but it is best for your eyes and your own sleep if you can!


use google to see if you can find any practice tests, quizlets or any other premade study guide options. use these to your benefit and they will surely help you in the new ways that you can be able to review all of your stuff!


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