Fall Recipes to Try

hey all!

happy tuesday! i hope y’all have been having a great week so far!

today i wanted to share with y’all some fall-y (maybe more like fall-ish) recipes that i wanted to try. i thought that i would share them with you so you would see what fall recipes i wanted to eat!

lets get started!



doesn’t this look beautiful! (*via)


butternut squash coffee cake from the pretend baker

first of all, i love coffee cake, but i am also a huge fan of butternut squash, so this is really the dessert for me! i think that the combination of the sugar and cinnamon would work really well with the butternut squash.



that crispy bacon! YUM (*via)


butternut squash carbonara from cooking classy

i love carbonara sauce so much! this dish looks fantastic and seems to be a really cool combination of flavors.



look at that glaze, just yum man! (via*)


quick pumpkin cinnamon rolls from dessert for two

this looks amazing, as i mentioned before, cinnamon and pumpkin is just perfect together. the flavors are just super ‘fall-ish’ you get what i mean!!



that chocolate oozing down…(via*)


rolo stuffed pumpkin spice cookies from boys ahoy

these may just be a tad too sweet for me, but rolos are so good! so i feel like this might be REALLY good!



those pumpkin seeds on top are enticing (via*)


pumpkin hummus from high heels and grills

so i really like hummus, like REALLY like hummus. i love edamame hummus and i think that pumpkin would truly be an interesting flavor to try with the hummus flavor.





ravioli with pumpkin alfredo from taste and tell blog 

i love ravioli and think that ravioli is super fall and winter, so the pumpkin sauce would work well with the ravioli!

i hope you enjoyed! please comment if you have tried any of these recipes or are interested in trying any of them!


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