My Simple Makeup Routine

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hey all!

today  i have a really fun makeup post! i am sharing my routine for my basic makeup! i haven’t shared my routine in a VERY long time because as you all know, i went to an all girls high school and never felt it was necessary to wear makeup (yo, don’t get me wrong other people definitely wore makeup, but that was either if they wanted to, or if they personally liked putting on makeup everyday) but i just didn’t do it because i didn’t really feel like waking up earlier, and i also didn’t really care much about how i looked in front of my classmates. but now, i am working and i’ve been going to alot of get-togethers i have definitely been wearing more makeup then before, not cause i feel like i have to, i just personally feel like i look more put together.

okay, on with the show here we go!


i keep all of my makeup in a caboodle. i bought it from urban outfitters because of course i saw it online, it was $10, i had a coupon and paid no shipping so there was no reason not to buy it, and i’m obssessed. i also was v into 90’s beauty and love scrunchies and knew this was perf! i use it to store my beauty, but also to travel with it. i took it to washington d.c. and it was INSANELY easy to travel with because it just held everything. of course, because i’m me, i had to start decorating it. i have put on some glossier stickers which i’ve recieved with purchases and my monogram because i’m me.

shop my caboodle here!


for my actual routine i start with concealer. my face is never too bad, and i never have used full coverage foundation, i have always used a CC cream of some type or a tinted moisturizer. at this point in my beauty journey i am just using concealer. for christmas i recieved a set from benefit of all of their ‘boi-ing’ products – first of all, this set comes in a REALLY cute pencil case, and second it gives you the opportunity to try every boi-ing product. before the kit, i used the boi-ing industrial strength concealer religiously now, i am addicted to the boi-ing airbrush concealer. its much lighter in matter and its insanely good coverage for me. but before i put the airbrush stuff on, i spot treat using the hydrating concealer on blemishes and underneath my eyes. its super good for dark circles, it glides on easily and then i blend using my beauty blender. then i use my beauty blender with the airbrush concealer blending in the rest of my face. i typically top with the mario badescu rose water solution (not pictured) and let it dry and move on to my next step!

shop the boi-ing set here (not pictured)

shop boi-ing airbrush concealer here

shop boi-ing hydrating concealer

shop the beauty blender here

shop mario badescu rosewater here (not pictured)


i then use highlighter. if you guys know me, you know i love my glow and i am a highlighter queen. its easily my favorite makeup item, and i own COUNTLESS versions of highlighters but these are my favorite day to day highlighters. i use glossier haloscope in ‘quartz’ (don’t fight me, but its the BEST color of haloscope). i glide it on my nose, my cheekbones, my cupids bow and underneath my eyebrows usually layering on two coats (its a bit dewier this way) and then i blend with my fingers. if i haven’t achieved enough shine by now, i put on too faced highlighter. its called ‘blinded by the light’ which i always seem to be able to be singing (the song blinded by the light) through the rest of the time i do my makeup. its easily the BEST powder highlight i’ve used, and i am honestly beyond impressed by the way it holds up! i apply it to my face using my fan brush and receive instant dew.

shop glossier haloscope in ‘quartz’ here 

shop too faced ‘blinded by the light’ highlighter here

shop my fan brush here


i go in with my eyebrows next. i used to not do my eyebrows, which was a HUGE mistake because i have actually pretty light eyebrows. i actually never found a product which i really liked until i got glossier boy brow. my sister bought me the color ‘blonde’ which i am not ~really~ a blonde anymore but my eyebrows are still pretty light. its the first color that i have ever found which was good for me, which is super perfect. but before i put on my boy brow, i brush threw my eyebrows using my eyebrow brush. on one side it has a little comb and on the other, a little brush.

shop glossier boy brow here 

shop my eyebrow brush here  


i finish with mascara. i feel like i almost look like an entirely different person and i kinda love that – so i leave it for last. i know some people try to do it sooner rather than later so when they mess up, they won’t have just messed up their entire eye look. but on my typical days i don’t wear eye shadow or eyeliner so i just go ham. i used to use like 7 different mascaras but now i use two because i came across glossier lash slick. its easily the best mascara i’ve ever used. within the first swipe of mascara my eyelashes literally grow in length. its so awesome but i’m, usually too afraid to go in too close to my eye, so then i use my tightline mascara. its a super thin brush so its so easy to touch up and hit the spots you can’t easily hit! after this i usually hit my lips with some lip balm and head on my way!

shop glossier lash slick here 

shop it cosmetics tighline mascara here 

enjoy all! and let me know in the comments down below what your everyday makeup routine looks like!



Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Picks

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hey all!

its the SECOND most wonderful time of the year! its the nordstrom anniversary sale. every year, nordstrom puts  NEW items for the fall season – stuff that hasn’t been out before and some awesome brands with some of their best items in new colors or sizes, or shapes that are not only new and fresh but also classic favorites that are perfect on SALE! its crazy & amazing as always. so naturally i NEEDED to share with you most of my picks for the sale – and don’t think this will be the only sale content! i am sharing several fall outfits FEATURING the items from the sale and i will do more round-ups and update about items on my instagram account and on my twitter!

so basically, the pre-sale starts on TODAY to shop you MUST have a nordstrom card and today i will be sharing my favorites of the sale and i will also have a perpetual tab up top on my blog with my favorite items so that you can always shop my favorites with easier access! i woke up at midnight to get my picks – and this year i made it super easy to view your items!

to view the item:

click the image, a new tab will open and you can shop the item!

as always, a note to all my readers – this post does not mean i own any of the above, or that i will buy any of the above. it just means that i like it visually and (unless noted) i do not own it; all that i will write about is stuff i hear from friends and other users of the product as well as the visual aspects of the product which i will mention in the comment below!



dresses & jumpsuits













underwear & pajamas 


accessories & bags


enjoy all! and SHOP SHOP SHOP


paleo recipes & fitness update

hey all!

so because i haven’t said or posted about it enough, i am doing the wahls/paleo/aip diet (modified) and i am not being as successful as i hoped. i’ve broken it for some insanely good reasons: burrata cheese, carmela ice cream, homemade pita and hummus and din tai fung, which were so much better than i even remember them being so they were honestly all so satisfying. but my typical day to day has been following the paleo stuff. i have found several things i really have been enjoying and i wanted to share those all with you – and my fitness journey: what i’m doing and what i’m loving!

so here we go on the food!


one of my favorite  breakfast items (you guys i SUCK at eating breakfast anyway so its all VERY new to me) has been a smoothie. i go to trader joes and buy their unsweetened acai packets – you run them under warm water for 15 seconds, break them up and you are then ready to put them in your blender. i typically use 1 packet – unless i am also making smoothies for another day, or other family members. but i then throw in the fruit i have in my house, this is usually a banana, frozen pineapple, and frozen strawberries. i also make some cold brew green tea, let it sit for 10 minutes and throw it into my smoothie and occassionally use some protein powder or other powders.


when i go out and grab food (y’all its SUPER not common anymore because they don’t have many things that i a) enjoy eating b) are in my basic diet) but i love grabbing acai bowls. although i can make them myself, i really love sun life organics, they have several locations in the greater LA area, and one locally by me in pasadena. i live for their hawaiian bowl without the strawberries! other times i go out, i will grab a beef flame broiler bowl with brown rice or pickup some gf and dairy free curry from one of the local indian places or the channa masala from whole foods.


one of my favorite things to pick up in the market are the packages of beans and rice from whole foods. they are in the freezer section and are microwavable. i typically put some fresh salsa on top and these packages are two servings so it easily makes two portions so i’ve easily made two lunches! what a simple and perfect meal for me!


dinners are weird because my parents sorta/sorta don’t follow us in the paleo stuff, but mostly they do for dinner. we don’t eat pasta unless my dad makes fresh sauce, if we buy bread only my mom and dad eat it. we make zoodles and my dad no longer thinks they aren’t real pasta so i shouldn’t waste my time, but ACTUALLY likes them with meatballs, so i think i won this one. but we have absolutely been loving yellow chicken curry. my dad makes it using a trader joes sauce that uses coconut milk and no gluten! how perfect!

now onto the workouts!

i love the 7 minute workout app, they offer different workout options for different skill levels, different targeting areas and different amounts of time. its awesome because i do HIIT workouts and they give you a timer and call out halfway through, when to begin and the last three seconds. its awesome pared with my apple watch because i get to read my heart rate and see how i’m doing. its amazing and makes me feel so motivated to finish up my activity rings.

enjoy all! let me know how you are doing with your own summer adventures down in the comments below!


Summer Look Vol. 3

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hey all!

this post was originally supposed to be a real outfit look with photos, but i honestly couldn’t get my butt together to put together a look and to drag my sister to get out to somewhere and take photos for me but i just couldn’t because of conflicting schedules, but since i did want to do another outfit post, i made another one with photoshop! and honestly i think it looks pretty good!

as always, a note to all my readers – this post does not mean i own any of the above, or that i will buy any of the above. it just means that i like it visually and (unless noted) i do not own it; all that i will write about is stuff i hear from friends and other users of the product as well as the visual aspects of the product which i will mention in the comment below!

here we go!


/ dress : j.crew faux wrap gingham poplin dress / shoes : soludos wedge laceup espadrille sandal / bag : cult gaia small ark handbag  in multi / watch : michele deco sport watch / sunglasses : quay jezabell round sunglasses /

in all  my  own disclosure, i am currently working for j.crew, and although i often do share their brand, i am not specifically sharing their brand for this reason. i have seen this days for days on end, just hanging and everyday i’ve been inching closer to try it on. its amazing because its a wrap dress, and y’all know i’m obsessed with wrap dresses so thats the main reason. of course i paired it with an arc bag because to me, its summer in a bag and this dress screams summer. i also put this navy watch that i’ve been looking at, i just love the face shape!

enjoy all my friends!


Ways to Make Money without a Full-Time (or Part-Time) Job

hey all!

this saturday post  MAY be a big surprise to you, but i decided that the month of july would be the PERFECT month to share one extra post a week because there are SO MANY good things to talk about in july! so anyway onto the post!

i know a summer lull very well, i.e., you didn’t get a job and you’re too old for summer camp and no summer school appeals, aka besides (maybe) a vacation you have zero plans. it happens when you don’t mean it to and it can make you feel totally worthless and just downright lazy, also poor because the summer when you could be making minimum wage you aren’t even making that! guys, i’ve been THERE! fortunately, i’m not there right now (thank G, i’m working at  J.CREW in glendale) but i definitely understand what you’re going through, and it feels as though you’re counterproductive. well i have some tips for ways that you can get your butt moving and also make some money!

here we go!

#1: develop a side hustle

be. like. me. START A BLOG! if you’ve even considered blogging at any point, now is the time to try. you may need to invest a little money in your own domain or other such ways, but it can turn successful. do yoy have any entreprenurial ideas? companies to begin? skills to teach? just start whatever you are planning. it doesn’t hurt to start and it can give you a little something to start a fire under your butt and help you to get to where you wanna be. honestly, i think its the ‘idea’ of something which freaks us out, don’t let the idea take power. take control of the idea and i’m sure you’ll see it blossom just as i have with macarons and must haves!

#2: sell your clothes! (depop, poshmark & thred up)

i understand that this isn’t always an option, you might not have many clothes to begin with, you might not have things you’re willing to part with, but if you are saving money for something expensive, or you’re just saving money for future excursions it doesn’t hurt to honestly go through your closet, and you just might find something you are willing to part with. in my case, its been quite a few things i’m ready to get rid of, so my sister and i sent for a thred up bag about a month ago.

thred up makes it, SO SO SO easy. they SEND a bag to your house, pay for the label and all you have to do is send it back, its THAT easy! and depop and poshmark require you send the item and sell it yourself, ie set listing price, input info, BUT those are easy options as well!

#3: offer to babysit or dog sit in your neighborhood

i understand, not everyone is into dogs or babies, but embelish for yourself, catsit, fishsit (don’t knock it till you try it), grab the nail for your neighbors! its summer and undoubtedly people are going on vacation. if your friends are going on vacation, offer to sit for their animals. usually this requires feeding, occasional playing and walking but usually: a) doesn’t take too long b) is fun if you like the animals you are sitting for. its fairly simple and you can make pretty decent money.

also begin telling friends and family you are free to babysit! if you have nothing else to do in the summer it can’t hurt to play around with kids for a few hours and put them to sleep. you were a kid once, so you know what they like and if you can heat up trader joes food, or know how to plate leftovers you will be decently good at this because half the battle is making sure the kids eat, safely and aren’t in any danger.

#4: offer your family & friends simple tasks that you can do

you can mow the lawn? great! you can sweep the leaves in front of the house? awesome! you can clean toilets pretty well? amazing! you can shop for grocercies? wonderful! you are open to driving kids to and from summer camp? superb! you can take out and in trash cans? fantastic! and most importantly you can tell your friends, family and neighbors that all of these skills are in your reach and your availiablity and you’ll surely hear back! i reccommend posting this on facebook because someone might be looking for just the thing you mention! ask your friends and family to share too and you may acculmulate even more small jobs!

#5: take surveys!

i perfer to not have to mention this, but i think its necessary. there are MANY online sites that you can answer surveys on that can send cash and gift cards to you. many of these surveys require you to be 18, and they ask anything from your basic geographic area and socio-economic status to what kind of cereal is the best. honestly from what i’ve hear from many friends is that they start on these platforms and do it daily for about a week and usually don’t end up making more than $5, but hey it doesn’t hurt to try for a week  and see if you get luckier than they did!

#6: have a garage sale

have general junk lying around your home? i am gonna be honest, i do, and many of you might also! look at the weather (and hopefully pick a weekend day that isn’t too hot) and make flyers to post around the neighborhood and make a post on facebook telling your friends and family and sharing some of the items you’ll be selling and mention the day and the location of the sale. chances are you’ll get rid of some of the stuff you planned on getting rid of anyway, AND you’ll make some money for it.

#7: sell your favorite hobby!

are you really good at painting? really good at pottery? really good at calligraphy? really good at graphic design? really good at making wood furniture? really good at sewing? well, you get my point, you have a hobby, something you like to do, and you’re fairly good at you might as well monetize your skills and start selling things online or at flea markets and other sales. etsy is a super cool website where you can sell pretty much any type of good handmade or otherwise and make money for it! and you have something you’d rather sell locally like furniture? try the ‘5 Mile’ app or post your work on facebook, and someone might just happen upon it and love it!

#8: use apps like uber, lyft, uberEats, instacart & more!

there are SO MANY new apps to make things easier for us for example the ones i mentioned above! if you’re just looking for a side venture and have a car you pretty much have your options open for you! you can drive others around with uber or lyft, bring people delivery food with uberEats and shop for others groceries using instacart. honestly these apps are super easy because there are platforms on both sides, for the consumer and the employee, so most of the time all you need is a phone and a car!

enjoy all & i hope you use these tips to make some extra moola! as always, comment down below with some other suggestions for my readers


Dorm Room Design pt 2

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hey all!

i was so excited that y’all loved my first dorm room post so much i decided to do another one sooner rather than later! i’ve been on the constant hunt for new stuff thats even better than before but i’ve honestly been CRAZY trying to figure out how to get all of my stuff to my dorm room without packing up and paying to ship boxes. so i think for decor stuff i’m gonna wait till i move in and then purchase items online so they ship to me, just because then i won’t have to worry about getting my stuff across the country and i will only pay the shipping fee to ship them to DC, and not LA then DC. but if any of you guys have moved to school across country and have any advice for me comment on this post, find me on social or send me an email at! thank you in advance for your help!

as always, a note to all my readers – this post does not mean i own any of the above, or that i will buy any of the above. it just means that i like it visually and (unless noted) i do not own it; all that i will write about is stuff i hear from friends and other users of the product as well as the visual aspects of the product which i will mention in the comment below!

& since i’m a member of the dormifam – you can get 20% off your order with this link!!! just sign up and you’ll get the code in your inbox!

check out my pinterest list here! (click the image to get there!)

Screen Shot 2018-06-13 at 9.05.45 AM.png

but here’s more


/ 1.  ‘chic chic chic’ poster  / 2. wild prairie rose candle / 3. room essentials led task lamp  / 4LED vanity mirror  / 5. kate spade tortoise file folders / 6. kate spade tortoise pen cup / 7. silk pillowcase and eye mask set / 8. made by design metal sweater bin / 9. made by design plastic clear shoe bin / 10. 6 shelf hanging storage organizer / 11. bose soundlink bluetooth speaker / 12. polka dot printed comforter set / 13. monogram pillow / 14. OXO  good grips slanted snack jar  /

i think you guys get my basic dorm room buys – if you guys have anything i should see, or if you have anything you liked for your own dorm room i’d love to see it, so send it my way!

enjoy my friends!









summer look vol. 2

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hey all!

its tuesday so it felt like a great day to share another outfit look with y’all! i heard from instagram that you like the outfit posts – both photoshopped (like this) and real photos like the other ones and i’m so glad you guys like these posts because i do a lot to curate items, isolate them and finally put them together!

as always, a note to all my readers – this post does not mean i own any of the above, or that i will buy any of the above. it just means that i like it visually and (unless noted) i do not own it; all that i will write about is stuff i hear from friends and other users of the product as well as the visual aspects of the product which i will mention in the comment below!

heres my look:


/ top: topshop lettuce edge camisole top / pants: madewell striped paperbag pants / earrings: halogen large sleek hoop earrings / sunglasses: shady lady 50mm geometric shades / bag: street level woven rattan bag / shoes: steve madden bandi platform wedge sandal /

this is honestly a perfect shopping day outfit, a brunch outfit, a just perfect nice going out outfit. you guys know my obsession with wide legged pants – these baby pink colored ones have my heart! they are so so so cute, not shocked that madewell made them but i’m so glad because i so want to buy them! i paired it with a straightforward tank, just for the perfect summer day and not too much sweat! i am in love with these geometric shades in the tortoise color. i also paired with this look with nude-y/tan-y accessories. i usually wouldn’t love these shoes, but something about summer actually makes me like them!