An Update with Kate : Perfectionist

hey all!

happy sunday! i have been so busy y’all that i forgot last month to do an update with kate!

so a few days ago i saw a photo on twitter…




my first action was to laugh, then i actually thought this is so relatable.

i am a perfectionist. no shame in it.

its both a good thing and a bad thing, naturally (as most things can be good AND have flaws)

being a perfectionist is good because it means that everything is always overdone and done to perfection! this means that i will spend ample time on assignments and pieces that i complete. i also love to gift wrap, so if i am wrapping something for you, you better believe that it will have PERFECT curling ribbon over the top that i will have likely spent at LEAST 1o minutes curling.

but being a perfectionist has its downfalls…

its a flaw because i am never quite happy with anything less than the best. as per mentioned before, this means that time is an issue. this means that i will take more time than the average person with things that don’t really even matter. continuing with the idea of gift wrapping, i often mess up my curling ribbon and spend so much time getting annoyed that the curling ribbon won’t curl like it needs to.

its just a thing okay.

i have learned to live with it by knowing that i need ample time to complete my stuff, and then i saw the photo above. i realized how many people feel the same as me, i mean i go to an all girls school and MOST of the girls in my class feel the same way, that they have to be perfect because they have something to prove, whether its to their family or to society, i respect my classmates for this, i get this.

we know that we have to appear as ‘perfect’ most of the time, or someone will judge us, that is just how it works, and its sad but it is true.

i hope you enjoy!


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Fall Recipes to Try

hey all!

happy tuesday! i hope y’all have been having a great week so far!

today i wanted to share with y’all some fall-y (maybe more like fall-ish) recipes that i wanted to try. i thought that i would share them with you so you would see what fall recipes i wanted to eat!

lets get started!



doesn’t this look beautiful! (*via)


butternut squash coffee cake from the pretend baker

first of all, i love coffee cake, but i am also a huge fan of butternut squash, so this is really the dessert for me! i think that the combination of the sugar and cinnamon would work really well with the butternut squash.



that crispy bacon! YUM (*via)


butternut squash carbonara from cooking classy

i love carbonara sauce so much! this dish looks fantastic and seems to be a really cool combination of flavors.



look at that glaze, just yum man! (via*)


quick pumpkin cinnamon rolls from dessert for two

this looks amazing, as i mentioned before, cinnamon and pumpkin is just perfect together. the flavors are just super ‘fall-ish’ you get what i mean!!



that chocolate oozing down…(via*)


rolo stuffed pumpkin spice cookies from boys ahoy

these may just be a tad too sweet for me, but rolos are so good! so i feel like this might be REALLY good!



those pumpkin seeds on top are enticing (via*)


pumpkin hummus from high heels and grills

so i really like hummus, like REALLY like hummus. i love edamame hummus and i think that pumpkin would truly be an interesting flavor to try with the hummus flavor.





ravioli with pumpkin alfredo from taste and tell blog 

i love ravioli and think that ravioli is super fall and winter, so the pumpkin sauce would work well with the ravioli!

i hope you enjoyed! please comment if you have tried any of these recipes or are interested in trying any of them!


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DIY Snapchat Filter Halloween Costume Ideas

hey all!

its halloween season!

yay! or not? I am not sure

I am not sure if i really like halloween or not, i am really not sure because i always like the idea of dressing up, but with the idea of continuing being ‘brilliant’ this month so whether i like it or not, its coming, and its coming soon.

so i really would really love to put together my own costume, because buying a costume is not my deal.

so here we go!

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  1. Snapchat Butterfly Filter
  2. Snapchat Dog Filter 
  3. Snapchat Flower Crown
  4. Snapchat ‘Shine Bright Like A Diamond’

i really like the idea of a snapchat filter as a costume because i can kinda think its super chill because its really up to interpretation and you can kinda wear anything as a base outfit and do makeup or hair to make it costumed.

hope you enjoy these ideas!


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Khat with Kate : A Sprinkle of Kate

hey all!

welcome to another khat with kate! I would like to introduce one of my favorite bloggers…


Kate from A Sprinkle of Kate

-When did you start blogging?

I started blogging in May of 2012, but have had a couple of different blogs over the years. I rebranded in 2015 to finally create a blog that I felt encompassed my style and personality.


-How did you get into blogging?

I actually found an old friend’s fashion blog and was so inspired by her! I thought it was such a fun idea to establish an online network and also share my opinions to readers. At the time I was currently writing in the fashion column of my school paper so I thought blogging online would be an easy transition.


-Why do you enjoy blogging?

I love blogging because there are so many amazing connections to be made online. It’s so exciting to meet people online with similar interests and it’s always thrilling to finally meet a blogging friend in person! These connections and friends make blogging so rewarding!


-What do you like to do for fun?

When I’m not blogging you can catch me spending time with friends, shopping (my form of cardio), trying out new restaurants and spending time at the beach. I love exploring fun new areas even if it just means playing tourist in my town for the day!

-what is your favorite social media platform for showing your blog off?

I think Instagram is probably the most fun, but also the most difficult. It’s so much fun when I have a constant nice feed going, but I struggle with keeping this feed consistent.

-what would your advice be for other bloggers? what would your advice be for bloggers looking for getting into the game?

My advice would be to start blogging because you want to have a voice and share your opinions. To actually be successful you have to be very dedicated and do it because you love it. At first it can be difficult because no one is really reading, but as time progresses, and if you’re passionate enough, readers will find their way to you! Being consistent and having fresh content is also very important — no one wants to read a blog they feel like they’ve read before.


well i hope you guys enjoyed my post with Kate

you can see her blog here: a sprinkle of kate

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hope y’all enjoyed!


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Highlighter Sticks – The Best Makeup Invention Known to Man

hey y’all!

it’s kate! happy sunday I hope you all had a great week last week.

today, I was inspired by (some may say overuse) my use of highlighter.

if you are unaware of what highlighter is, highlighter is a makeup product, it basically adds shine to your face and can be applied in certain spots to create a certain look of dewy glow.

i love using highlighter on my face because i feel like it helps me add that extra “glow” that looks good for my face. I love using highlighter ‘sticks’ (in stick more solid form rather than powder) because they are much simpler to apply (and for me) they tend to look better.

so today i wanted to share with y’all my favorite stick highlighters, or stick highlighter that I have been wanting to try…

let’s get started!

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  1. glossier haloscope bronzer -$22
  2. milk makeup highlighter -$24
  3. clinique chubby stick sculpting highlight -$23
  4. milk makeup holographic stick -$28
  5. nars ‘the mulitiple’ -$39
  6. benefit ‘watts up’ cream highlighter -$30
  7. benefit ‘girl meets pearl’ -$30

i hope that you enjoy my post today!


kwe monogram(aka kate wins!)