18th Birthday Party Ideas

hey all!

as i mentioned a few posts ago, my birthday is VERY SOON! and i’m turning 18! its 13 days away and i couldn’t be more excited/nervous/etc! i am feeling all of the feelings about this and i never know what to think! i thought about planning a party – as always i turned to pinterest! i decided after all that i am not planning a party because of AP tests and other stressful graduating and college stuff but i definitely went and scoured pinterest for TONs of ideas and images that i thought were super cool and that i would love to remake and have as my own!

just a little note : none of these photos are mine, and i link to their post from pinterest!

as always, i have a pinterest list for all the party themes and ideas that i love:

here we go then!









































okay all! i hope you enjoyed!


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My Prom Pictures + Outfit + Details

My Prom Pictures + Outfit + Details

hey all!

this past saturday i had my prom in hollywood at the avalon nightclub! it was crazy to think i ALREADY have had my senior prom – and i am DONE with my classes in about a month, and then have my transition week & THEN i’m graduating. it’s all VERY bittersweet because i have loved my school – and my time at my school more than anything but i am LOSING STEAM and the senioritis is hitting me HARD – but don’t worry i counter this by woking as hard as i can because i refuse to quit!!!

anyway, since i had prom this past weekend i wanted to share with y’all my photos – of me, my friends, my whole group and details of my outfit for the event!

let’s get started!

here are some photos!!:


here’s my look:


i wore :

a vince camuto off the shoulder crepe gown

some sam edelman yaro strap sandals in ‘jute’

a pair of gold hoops 

i hope y’all enjoyed and see y’all soon!

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Birthday Gift Wishlist

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hey all!

as much as i’d like to push it away like the plague, my birthday is coming up. don’t get me wrong, i LOVE my birthday! i mean who doesn’t! a day all about you (more or less)! but honestly this year i am turning 18 and how many good things there are about being 18 there are many more responsibilities. i will talk more about this on my birthday – but for now i’m just gonna focus on the good the possible gifts!

as always, a note to all my readers – this post does not mean i own any of the above, or that i will buy any of the above or in this case that i am asking for any of the above. to be honest – this is just a DREAM wishlist so don’t get too excited! it just means that i like it visually and (unless noted) i do not own it; all that i will write about is stuff i hear from friends and other users of the product as well as the visual aspects of the product which i will mention in the comment below!

here we go!


#1 : pop & suki box bag 

i am in love with bag shape. i think it makes it even better that you can personalize it because y’all know that i love anything and everything personalized. its such a versatile bag!

#2 : apple watch

i’ve been wanting one of these guys for awhile but didn’t think i should invest in one because i wasn’t sure it was be a good use of my money but y’all know i am OBSESSED with my fitbit so i do think it’d be worth the money! i love the pink color and think it would be super useful for college.

#3 : blue sparkly socks

i love my blue sparkly socks from brandy melville paired with my cortez, high tops or my adidas! i love these ones because they are a bit longer and they’d be an awesome birthday gift for me.

#4 : slip silk pillowcase

i talked about this a lot when i was making the christmas gift guides but this is supposed to be not only great for your skin, but also your hair! i’ve been not only a skincare freak lately but also a hair care freak and i really want this before i move into my new dorm!

#5 : jade roller

GUYS! i have been hearing so much about these not only on skincare instagrams but also on health and wellness blogs. by using a jade roller on your face you reduce inflammation and lets out all of the toxins by draining the lymphatic fluid in your face. its also a good way to fully rub in moisturizer.

#6 : herbivore skincare set

now that i’ve established that i’m a skincare freak, i’ve heard alot about the herbivore brand and not only is it pretty for your instagram but its supposed to be amazing!

#7 : star earrings

y’all know i love my earrings – and i love how these ones make you look like you have a second piercing (without the commitment!). i’ve also been LOVING stars lately – although i’m sure y’all know that!

#8 : sweaty betty power union jack leggings

i’ve been getting sweaty betty emails for as long as i can remember and NOW sweaty betty is landing at nordstrom – how convenient! y’all know how i like activewear and how i *basically* live in leggings and i’m in love with this ‘union jack’ inspired print, i love the color mix up and would be so excited to wear them.

#9 : canon rebel T6i dslr camera

i’ve been wanting to upgrade my camera (i even mentioned it in my 101 in 1001!) but i’ve been researching cameras and even though it’s a little above my pricepoint it would  be an awesome gift!

#10 : gucci double-g bracelet 

i’ve been eyeing this bracelet for awhile. i am absoluetly in love with the design (that the Gs interlock and thats where you clasp it together. i also love this rose gold tone because its just pink enough!

#11 : apple iphone lightning dock

i am terrible with charging my phone. too many times i have fallen asleep and i thought i put my phone in the charger, but no its slightly off course. this means when i wake up to take my phone to school with me i only have like 20% charge and i have to charge it when i get there! i think this little tool would be great because the phone would be right in the charger without problem!

#12 : staud bisset bucket bag 

GUYS! staud bags have my heart. they are absolutely gorgeous. i love the colors, the textures and the designs of each of their bags. i think this classic bucket shape would be a super awesome staud starter – even though i am in love with the LITERAL bucket bag and the see through bag too!

#13 : nike air max 270

THESE ARE SUCH COOL SNEAKERS! i can just imagine how cool i’d feel walking around in these. as always, nike nails the design and right now, the all white ones are super cool to me – i especially love the back ‘air’ part! and i’d love to have em!

enjoy guys! and let me know what is on your wishlist down below!

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hey all!

i realized one thing that i don’t tend to talk about a lot is my hair for one reason, i really don’t like it (my hair that is). i just have been unhappy with my hair for a long time because my hair is UNBELIEVABLY hard to deal with.

first (when i little) it was on the curlier side. by the time i was in 2nd grade it was super long, and mostly straight with little waves on the end!


here’s a photo of little kate from my first communion – although my hair was a little curled, you can mostly tell how straight it is!

but easily by 8th grade my hair started to get super curly! i’ve always had frizzy hair, but during this time i was in denial, telling myself that i didn’t have curly hair (because i had heard how hard it was to deal with) and i straightened my hair ALL THE TIME and (even still i do this) wore it up in buns so that i wouldn’t have to deal with it ever.


here’s a photo from my graduation, can you tell by the cruddy flat-ironing skills that i was DEEP in denial!  and the reason why i really never put pictures of myself on the blog.

i finally figured out that if i had curly hair i might as well just flaunt it.


this was easily the first picture where i really loved my natural hair, and i might as well just go for it, because wearing my hair natural was actually a lot better for the quality and took less time that flatironing did!

this is the most decent photo that i have of my hair recently!

2018-03-16 13:51:26.691.JPG

i’ve been told by almost every other curly haired person that i know that my hair is A LOT different than theirs – and i cannot figure out why! but my hair has pretty good highlights in it naturally and my curls are a SUPER ODD shape because they are not all like ringlets, and i really don’t force my hair into ringlets because that would take me FOREVER because i have tons of hair!

here’s what i use!

boar bristle brush


trader joes ‘nourish spa’ shampoo

redken all soft conditioner 

loma calming creme

typically this is what my hair routine looks like :

  1. i comb and brush out my hair using my comb and myboar bristle brush. i take out all of the knots and brush through all of the sections that have gotten stuck together because of all the times i have put my hair in a bun.
  2. i head to the shower with my comb and brush. i make sure they are with me in the shower because it’s actually a bit easier to brush and get through in the shower. i continue to brush it out and comb while my hair is barely wet.
  3. next, i go through and shampoo my hair and then i wash through it, comb through it and then i shampoo again.
  4. i then put the conditioner in my hair. i begin at the top and move the conditioner from my roots to the ends of my hair, making sure that every bit is conditioned. i then wash it out and repeat the same process.
  5. then, i comb and brush through my hair again (while in the shower, while its on) and put it ‘half up, half down’ sectioning off the top part of my hair. i do this then because it allows me for an easier drying time.
  6. finally, i get out of the shower and lather my hair thoroughly using the loma calming creme and let it airdry!

thats it! enjoy!


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must haves: highlighters

must haves: highlighters

people have different formula preference, stick, liquid, powder

people have different brand & price perference benefit, ysl, charlotte tilbury

well today i have a WHOLE BUNCH OF THEM FOR YALL!

#1 : cle de peau luminizing face enhancer

#2 : jouer luminizing liquid highlighter 

#3 : perricone ‘no highlighter’ highlighter

#4 : nars rêve salé palette

#5 : charlotte tilbury hollywood beauty light wand

#6 : butter london on the glow pen 

#7 : charlotte tilbury bar of gold

#8 : benefit sun beam liquid highlighter 

#9 :  trish mcevoy luminzier

#10 : ysl finishing highlighter 

Spring Look: Vol. 5

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hey all!

happy sunday! i have had an awesome restful break and got tons of stuff done – physically, mentally and emotionally! it was super awesome because it made me feel loads better, but i still am definitely not ready to head back, even though i know that i am almost done! as always, i did some internet browsing and found lots of cute things to make an outfit with! anyway, here we go!

as always, a note to all my readers – this post does not mean i own any of the above, or that i will buy any of the above. it just means that i like it visually and (unless noted) i do not own it; all that i will write about is stuff i hear from friends and other users of the product as well as the visual aspects of the product which i will mention in the comment below!


/ top : topshop off the shoulder lettuce shirt  / pants : topsop button front striped pants /

/ bag : mini white acrylic ark bag cult gaia  / shoes : classic cortez premium XLV sneaker /

/ sunglasses : ray ban icon 50mm / necklace : zodiac medallion necklace /

y’all know that i love statement pants, so its really not a surprise that i love these pants! they are super cute paired with all white (like i did here) or other tan accessories. i paired the look with some super cool new nike cortez that i found on the internet too, i absolutely love the texture and think they look so cool! i also loving the look of the cult gaia bag in the white acrylic, its a super cool accent piece for both summer and spring! i also love my tops – similar to the one i showed here, although it would pair well with any light colored t-shirt.

enjoy! xoxo

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Polka Dot Wrap Dress in Melrose

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hello friends!

i thought it was more than time to share one of my favorite outfits for this season of a day trip i took with my sister to melrose! it was a little while ago but every piece of the look is still in stores – i am super excited to share this reasonable wrap dress so lets go why don’t we!

as always, a note to all my readers – this post does not mean i own any of the above, or that i will buy any of the above. it just means that i like it visually and (unless noted) i do not own it; all that i will write about is stuff i hear from friends and other users of the product as well as the visual aspects of the product which i will mention in the comment below!

here’s my look!



 / dress : forever 21 polka dot wrap dress / shoes : converse classic high tops /

/ sunglasses : ray ban evolve sunglasses 50mm / bag : cult gaia small ark bag  /

/ earrings : star earrings / necklace : monogram necklace / socks : sparkly socks /

so for my day out in melrose, i opted for a cute but super versatile and easy look that i could wear (and drive around in, although it did get a tad wrinkly) but since it was super hot and VERY sunny the day i went out, because this super reasonably priced dress is super light and doesn’t make you warm and definitely lets a lot of air in! paired with my dress i wore my high tops with a pair of sparkly socks. i thought they would pair well with the dress, but i think honestly any sneaker with this outfit would go well! of course, because its spring i HAD to get some good use of my ark bag – and i paired with my favorite new star earrings and my monogram necklace as well as my ray ban sunnies!

i hope you enjoy this look!


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