Pumpkin Spiced Maple Walnuts Recipe

Pumpkin Spiced Maple Walnuts Recipe

hey all!

DONT HATE ME – okay i waited this long – for that you should be proud of me! but i had a pumpkin spice latte last saturday (and not yesterday, the saturday before then). its september so i am feeling the ~fall vibes~ and i started making this snack – its perfect to bring to school, work or stash in your bag as a snack, and i love them on top of oatmeal or in a trail mix too!

so here we go why don’t we!

Pumpkin Spiced Maple Walnuts

  • Servings: 2-4
  • Difficulty: simple
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2 Cup of Walnuts

1/3 Cup of Maple Syrup

Pumpkin Pie Spice to Taste

Sea Salt to Taste


  1. Cut or prepare walnuts to the desired size. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper or wax paper.
  2. Measure out the maple syrup.
  3. Use a medium-sized frying pan, under a light heat – and heat up the maple syrup till its lightly bubbly.
  4. Throw in the walnuts and stir in the desired amount of pumpkin pie spice – I prefer about 1 tsp but you can decide.
  5. Then after a few minutes of combining the ingredients,  dump the walnuts onto the prepared baking sheet with lined paper. Immediately, sprinkle some sea salt over the top of the walnuts – as desired.
  6. Once the walnuts have cooled ~ about 20 minutes, enjoy!

i hope you guys enjoy this recipe! please let me if you try it out and like it!


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My Favorite LA Places

My Favorite LA Places

hey guys!

i hope you enjoyed my previous #LAGUIDE post on my favorite LA restaurants, since i covered food (truly the most important aspect of travel) i am moving on to my favorite LA places to go!

all photos are either from me or my amazing photographer sister alix! like always, these places i share photos from are places that i like to go to – and i honestly highly suggest looking at each of these places.

in no particular order, here we go!

for a place to take cute pictures outside…

the girls tour wall on melrose

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my sister and i went here a few months ago and we took some cool photos there because the wall is super cool and easy to get to. we just parked on the street and walked up to take photos with the wall!

if you are interested in attending a sports game here, try out…

dodger stadium

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if you know LA we didn’t used to have football teams here – and for most of my life (up until about last year) we didn’t have teams – we had USC and UCLA for football and i feel like pretty much everyone here is a dodgers fan.  nothing beats going to a dodgers game – seriously if you have never been you should go because it’s so much fun.

if you’d die for the #aesthetic then you should go to 

beverly hills hotel

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i know i said that the girls tour wall is aesthetic – but for me the beverly hills hotel is the ultimate aesthetic. all pink and green, you can go and visit, you can go and stay, you can go and have brunch – honestly its just one of the prettiest places ever to take pictures!

if you want to visit a super cool and FREE art museum go to the…

the broad

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the broad is so amazing! there is so much cool art there – but the advice i do have about the broad is to look for tickets in advance, don’t expect to just walk up to the broad and get in for that day – because it won’t happen!

if you are interested in going shopping / eating and having fun in a super cool community you should try out…

the arts district

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the arts district has good food, good ice cream, good coffee and cute and cool shops and place to visit. its honestly not in the ~best~ area but it is really getting better and since there are so many people walking around its pretty safe!

if you are in DTLA and are looking for a place to eat and walk around, try out the…

grand central market

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i’ve definitely talked about GCM before, and places in it. GCM is super fun because you can go with friends, shop around, each getting something different – and all get some mcconnells ice cream – so there is no way to lose there!

if you love modern art which some super cool exhibitons, go to…


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i feel like most people have heard of lacma, or even see pictures of it. its a super cool museum with many cool pieces and exhibitions inside and its super easy to go with family and then get food – it makes a really fun morning or evening!

if you wanna go somewhere that is totally classic LA go to the…

griffith observatory

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now if you have seen LA LA LAND you definitely know about this one, its the scene where they are having a date and then they dance in the stars, you one the one. anyway, the observatory is great to walk around and see LA from all angles and see the stars if you go there at night!

if you are here in the summer, and you wanna go to a concert, go to

the hollywood bowl

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many people live in LA without ever going to the hollywood bowl, and i can’t believe that because its honestly such a cool place! you can go and find tickets for the nosebleed seats for a cheap price – but i also think that you can just go and check it out!

if you wanna go to a super #basic place for shopping and eating go to


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melrose has so many cool shops and restaurants to stop at. and even though it might be above you budget, its super fun just to get coffee and look all around and walk in melrose!

and honestly, last but not least,

downtown la

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obviously DTLA has so many places to go, and just walk around!

i hope you guys enjoy my LA favorite places! and if you need more LA suggestions, honestly just contact me on instagram or on the contact page on my blog.


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Whats in my Bag – September 2017 Edition

Whats in my Bag – September 2017 Edition

(this post may contain links which will be monetized)

hey all!

how’s life? mine is so crazy right now, i have so much going on – as always but this week is absolutely crazy which isn’t the best thing because all i want to do is watch jane the virgin – but i am staying off the netflix which is probably for the better.

but i should just get to the article…

here is my purse:


i have this adorable ted baker bag from the #NSALE, i honestly love this bag so much because its so big – and carries most of what i need almost all the time!

next onto the contents of my bag!


i have a glossier cosmetic bag – which comes whenever you make a glossier order – filled with little beauty stuff!

i always carry:

/some dental floss

i don’t even know how but somehow i always get food in my teeth, so dental floss always comes in handy!

/my favorite mario badescu rose water spray/

this is an amazing product that i love to spray on my face – so my makeup doesn’t get too too cakey and on my hair whenever i get drier/frizzier than normal!

/lash domination mascara

although i use the better than sex mascara ~religiously~ this “lash domination” is some awesome touch up mascara, because it has a little brush and make it so much easier to put on mascara in a flash!


i just picked up these adorable scrunchies from urban outfitters and i love using scrunchies in my hair because its better for the curls not messing them up too much and leaving a crease

i also need to carry


i also always bring

/kate spade wallet/

my kate spade wallet is so trusty to me, its the perfect size, and i got it a few years ago for christmas and i love it!

/illesteva sunglasses/

i love my sunglasses, i think they fit my face so well and the mirror parts are perfect and really trendy now!

/mentos gum/

this is my holy grail. i chew this gum in the morning before school, after school and really anytime that i get into my car. basically i have one in my car and one in my purse because i am addicted!

/portable charger/

these are so neccesary these days because i am a ~phone addict~

anyway! i hope you guys all enjoyed getting to see in my bag!


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Hamilton the Musical – My Review

hey all!

last night was the best night of my life –

okay so maybe that was hyperbole, a little bit, but i have been waiting to see hamilton for two years and last night i finally saw it.

you might have remembered that i had a tweet retweeted by @hamilton on twitter, so i am basically ~famous~

Screen Shot 2017-09-17 at 2.07.08 PM.png

all that aside, i was wayyy to excited to see hamilton in LA, my hometown.

yesterday was the day,

my sister and i were lucky enough to score tickets to this magical show at the pantages theatre in LA for 8pm.

we got to the theatre and i was already IN LOVE – truly i had been in love for like 1 year + now but you understand my vibe. so we had to buy a souvenir (so i picked this hamilton lapel pin, i am so gonna put it on my backpack!) sat down to wait for the performance.

the performance started – the first song came on aptly titled “alexander hamilton” and i started crying because i was so excited – not like heavy crying but like teary eyes. if you know the song: the characters come out and sing before we know anything yet about them – and then layfayette / jefferson came on stage and he was AMAZING. such a good singer & rapper i just died.

honestly, i can’t even explain the purely ~etherial~ experience i had at hamilton. i honestly will never forget my experience – ever and i hope i can get lucky enough to see it again soon!

if you haven’t listened to hamilton yet, i HIGHLY suggest you give it a try – i linked the album down below – if you are hesitant, just try out the first song, just give it a listen – i am sure you won’t be disappointed!

i hope you enjoy!


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Activewear Outfit Ideas

hey all! 

it’s kate coming back to ya! i feel like i am so disconnected from the instagram but guys last night i went on and saw lost of cute activewear! i think it’s because the season is changing and we are headed into ~fall~ that everyone is getting darker in color scheme and longer in sleeves and pant legs! 

so here we go i’m sharing with you guys a list of my favorite new active looks! 









and there’s more! check out my pinterest! 


kate wins! 

Kate’s Korner – Early Onset Senoritis

Kate’s Korner –  Early Onset Senoritis

hey all!

its tuesday, or in my mind its 3.5 days away from friday. seriously i am already thinking about it that way.

i just have so much during the week, i have homework, golf, my coding class, SAT prep, and blogging. and in case you didn’t know all of those things take up a lot of time during my week. luckily i am able to utilize two free blocks that i have – which totals up to almost 3 hours or free time every other day – up to almost 5 hours to almost 6 hours a week of free blocks.

and don’t get me wrong, i love my free blocks and they are very helpful, however my free blocks all have friends in them. i love my friends and classmates – and sometimes they make homework so much easier, and sometimes they make homework so much harder.

i don’t even know how to explain my lack of determination – even though i am pretty dang determined. i think the first thing to start lacking is my other activities. i typically post everyday on instagram but its getting so much harder to post!!! like i don’t go out enough and take enough pictures. and sometimes when i am just out, i don’t wanna take photos because i am just out having fun!

anyway… i will update later!


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Royal Court Tryout Look

hey all!

so if you aren’t new to macarons and must haves then you know i am from beautiful, sunny pasadena.

and if you don’t know, now you know (insert hamilton meme)

since pasadena is home to the rose bowl game and the rose parade every year the organization called the “tournament of roses” calls on all of the 17-21 year olds in high school in the area or at pasadena city college for being on the royal court. the royal court is made up of 7 girls – 6 princesses and one queen who embody pasadena and who the people represent.

since i am a high school senior this year, i decided to try out! my sister (who is two years older than me) tried out and loved the process and i thought why not! i have always thought it would be so cool to be riding a float in the parade – but the other perks of being on the royal court include a wardrobe by macy’s, a pair of pearls, a scholarship and proper etiquette and speech training. not too bad huh!

anyway, for the first day of tryouts roughly 1,000 girls (in past years) come in and get to talk to the committee for 15 seconds on why they want to be on the court. if you are called back, you wear the same dress – and go by your number, not your name so that the whole process is fair!

for the first try out day, i opted for my lilly pulitzer dress with my steve madden wedges!


lilly pulitzer dress (similar) / steve madden wedges / kate spade bag


and check out my sweet golf tan! lol – my polo shirt tan is soooo real! and my feet are so light!


i just wore my hair naturally – for me is my super curly thick hair and natural makeup!

i so enjoyed trying out and the day – along with the tour of the house was super fun, just dressing up and going and trying out with my friends!

i hope you all enjoy – and i will be giving more updates via instagram soon! so catch up with me there!


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