April Month in Review

April Month in Review

hey all!

april has been a short month y’all. busy and short, not the way you want it.

well, here we go then!

for food!

i tested out making macarons – and yet again i failed. apparently, i overbeat my egg whites so when my macarons came out they were hollow.

i enjoyed some fosselman’s matcha green tea ice cream after my college night – which by the way was awesome! (the college night, although the ice cream was awesome too!)

we also celebrated just the beginning of spring by going to maccheroni republic downtown across from the grand central marketplace. i had some pesto ricotta spaghetti which was amazing.

in life,

this month i also had my junior ring night. my sister came down from usc, which isn’t actually that far to give me my ring, so now we are matching. my friends and i also took a lot of photos around the school.


i also had prom! i wore a bill levkoff dress from nordstrom which i absolutely loved in black and white! you all can see more prom pictures on my instagram page!



easter was this month! i celebrated easter weekend with my family as usual.

i really enjoyed an extended relaxation time which i had during break.

i have just realized over this month that i am ready for it to pass. i am ready for summer to come and the school year to be over.

i hope you enjoyed!


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An Update with Kate – The Things that Scare Me

An Update with Kate – The Things that Scare Me

hey, all!

  1. the future
  2. failing
  3. getting old
  4. public speaking
  5. clowns

what do all of these things have in common? well, i am deathly (haha get it) afraid of all of these things.

so let me explain

i feel like i have alot of fears these days, and mostly future based because of my status at the end of my junior year and basically my future just always ahead of me.

so i actually wanted to go one by and explain why the thing scares me

here we go!

#1: the future

well it scares be because i am a control freak, plain and simple. i always like to know what is going on, what is happening next and the craziness of life is that you never really know what is happening next, although you can make plans, plans always change and the world is affected by people’s decisions and by that, everything changes.

right now, my irrational fear of the future is rooted in college. i see all of the seniors at my school heading to schools like yale and berkeley and my blogger friend paulina going to holy cross, and i am just freaked out that i won’t get in anywhere, even though i know i am unique and have many things to offer but i am still freaked out.

#2: failing

this one i also feel like is connected to the future. i just am afraid of not being perfect. as you know, as well as being a control freak i am a perfectionist. i hate knowing that i make mistakes and although i make a lot i am trying to be okay with small mistakes once in awhile.

#3: getting old

serious FOMO here. i mean there is something about knowing you have had a great life, but i am afraid that i will have regrets and when i get old i will never be able to experience things the way i would before

#4: public speaking

i have never been a great public speaker. this year in trying to branch out i have pushed myself to try new things. i ran for my student class rep, and although i lost my election i think that by practicing my public speaking i not only made myself less nervous about it in a whole, but also more comfortable with my class.

#5: clowns

this is a more solid fear. i just feel that clowns are scary and movies like “it” do not help with this at all

i hope you enjoyed this personal post!

let me know some of your fears in the comments down below!


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My Exam Tips & Tricks

My Exam Tips & Tricks

hey all!

i am sure you are bored of me talking about ap exams and regular exams right now, but it really is the time to share some of my new favorite exam tips and tricks

here we go why don’t we!

#1 : create a study schedule

Screen Shot 2017-04-20 at 2.44.53 PM

take your test date at least a week in advance.  i created a super fun download, which you can get it here : exam_tips! i like to put my steps into boxes, of stuff that i need to complete. i like to rank how the test feels for me so i think this process is truly helpful.

#2 : take a nutritious snack break!

take a chance to instead of chips, snack on a smoothie, yogurt, fruit or veggies with hummus! it not only provides energy but it may bring you to eating more healthy foods in your day rather than stress eating!

#3 : look online for practice exams

believe it or not, a lot of them exist, which means that you can find quizzes online by checking quizlet or simply googling whatever you need some review on and you *may* be able to find it!

#4 : too lazy to make real note cards?

try quizlet, its really an awesome website where you can make virtual notecards which you cannot just access everywhere (even on your phone, i have been there studying for apush at the drybar, it happens man) but notecards and ways to test yourself with many types of online practices.

#5 : relax

hopefully using your planning method, taking practice test and using quizlet you will be ready for your exam. but if you are not ready yet, don’t stress. stress is unnecessary for certain things and if you can allow yourself to relax maybe get a pedicure while studying? or lay on the couch in front of the fan and take a practice test? but i find when i am most relax i can learn more.

thank you for reading! if you have any other tips for me or other frantic test takers leave them in the comments down below.


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What Do You Wanna See This Spring? + Giveaway

hey all!

i have shared with you guys before, but i am really interested in knowing what you would like to see on the blog! i mean its usually all about me here but i wanna know what you would like to see!

here is a google form asking the important questions.

best of all, if you fill out the form and follow me on different social media sites you will be entered in my giveaway!

what am i giving away you ask?


i am giving away a moon and lola monogrammed keychain! in a color you pick and with YOUR initials only if you fill out the survey!

here we go!

i hope you enter!


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My Birthday Wishlist

My Birthday Wishlist

hey all!

not łike anyone is counting but it’s officially

11 full days to my birthday!

i am not sure if i am excited or not to turn 17 but i am really not ready for may to start because that means AP EXAMS

here we go! here is my wishlist!

  1. jody ankle-tie espadrilles
  2. louis vuitton key pouch
  3. iphone 7 
  4. deborah lippman nail polish set
  5. moon and lola monogram necklace
  6. macbook air 
  7. kate spade black purse
  8. adidas superstars
  9. ray ban aviators
  10. ban.do case
  11. kate spade stationery 

and you can see more here on my pinterest list:

i hope you enjoy!


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Hoppy Easter

Hoppy Easter

hey all!

i know its corny but…

hoppy easter!

its been 40 crazy days and let me just say, thank god i can have meat on fridays again! i am so glad that its easter because it also means that i am almost done with the school year! i am so excited for summer and it just cannot happen fast enough! i am so ready for days of sleeping in and sunny days of walking and running in my neighborhood and hiking and going out with friends on a daily basis!

but, before i get too daydreamy about summer, today i wanted to share some photos of when i went down to newport beach and took photos with bunnies!


i hope you enjoy my bunny pictures!


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